Saturday, January 8, 2011

The giant in the kitchen

Food. You need it to live. If you go without food long enough, you will starve to death.

Everything TASTES so good! Your mouth wants to keep eating after your tummy is full. Roasted chicken with rosemary and thyme and buttery potatoes with carrots and sushi made just right and blueberry cobbler dripping with vanilla ice cream and Racheal Ray and Bobby Flay and first there was the Food Network and now there is the cooking channel! Every holiday and every family get together is centered around eating and food and everyone chows down until they have to undo the top bottom of their pants and old Aunt Martha says, "would you eat this last piece of pie? Come on you can finish this little bit off for me?"

Eze 16:49 says that the sin of Sodom was that they were proud, had full tummies and too much time on their hands. Sorry to all you patriots out there - but this sounds like America and we are all getting fatter and fatter.

Last year was the first time that I had ever fasted. Before I had fasted for a day, I had never even skipped a meal! The old testament believers fasted all the time and especially fasted in order to hear from the Lord concerning certain things. So the Lord had me do a series of 3-day fasts. Now I always do juice fasts (no solid food but juices and teas are okay) because when I tried to just do a water only fast the headache was so extreme that I would end up breaking the fast.

For awhile I did good with fasting, but then on the third day I spent all day watching the clock and would become fixated on when I could finally eat again - which completely defeated the purpose for the three day fast - which was to seek and hear from the Lord.

So this is why I believe the Lord wants me to participate in this 21-day fast. To break the mental hold I have about food, to have a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Father, and to prepare my heart for victory over surfeiting and gluttony.

The 21-day fast starts tomorrow. I will be following Jentezen Franklin Ministries who are hosting the 21-day fast and I encourage you to join in - even if you only wanted to fast to skip one meal a day or cut out coffee or cookies or something like that. I will be posting about my experience not to boast about it, but in the hopes that it can help a brother or sister out there that also struggles with a giant in the kitchen!

Dear Heavenly Father, You are so amazing and when you speak you bring forth something out of nothing and nothing is impossible for you. I cannot do this without you Lord and without you, I am nothing. Watch over all of us who are doing this corprate fast - that you will draw near to us and be found of us as we seek your face and your will in all things. In Jesus name. Amen.

Some other websites I found for fasting resources are:
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Ernie said...

We can do this sister! Let this fast bring us closer to Jesus in this critical time.

wendyworn said...

Amen Brother! I'm with you! Check back in periodically and let me know how you are doing. I will be praying for you and all the others doing the fast.

Blessings in Christ!