Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 5 - Tainted Food

I had very vivid, strange, multi-part dreams last night. Here is part of my dream:

I was working in a fast food restaurant. All the tables were full of hungry people, jammed into the booths - 6 people to a booth instead of four - and they all had white placemats in front of them. I walked between them until I came to the last table where a woman and her husband and their two children were sitting.

The woman was very upset that there was nothing healthy to eat at that restaurant. I told her I could get her a salad. She said, that would be okay. As I was walking back to her table with the salad, I looked down and noticed that the salad had chocolate chips and pieces of cookies crumbled on top. I knew that it was unfit to serve.

I went back to the woman and told her that we were out of salad. She had a handfull of plastic forks and knives that she banged down on the table and the plastic forks and knives shattered. She took the kids and left the restaurant. I started picking up the pieces of plastic and handing them to her husband and I apologized for upsetting her. He said, "it's not your fault, it's my responsibility."

Later in the dream, I quit that job and went to try to change out of my fast-food uniform. I had a pile of clothes with me that were all sorts of crazy colors and patterns like court jester clothes and some of the leg holes and arm holes were sewn shut, making it impossible to wear. When I finally found something to wear, I looked like a clown. Then the dream went on to something else.

I believe the interpretation of the dream is as follows:

The fast-food restaurant is a mega-church where tons of hungry people gather in hopes of getting fed the Word of God.

The woman represents those in the mega-churches who recognize that there is no real Word being taught in that church and even something that might resemble the truth of the word, is tainted with things that tickle the ears, but gives no real nourishment. She is unwilling to compromise and leaves that church.

The man represents those that hear and recognize that there is nothing of value to eat there (no spiritual food whatsoever), even recognize that it is their responsibility as head for the spiritual nourishment of their families, yet do nothing and stay in the church. The word of God (the true healthy food of life) is not important enough for them to fight for.

I, as the server, represent the pastors of the churches - who actually recognize the fact that there is no food at that church - blaming the corporate nature of the worldly church - when I leave, I set about to establish my own righteousness in an independent way - instead of the calling and righteousness of God. Those ministers who have left the mainstream churchs, recognize that there is no meat of God's word being taught, yet they leave to start their own ministries to further themselves and not the gospel of the Kingdom, not the Church as the Lord wants it done.

I welcome any comments with further interpretations of this dream.

Strangely - my reading this morning was about Samson eating honey out of a dead lion. Just more tainted food. I really want to know more about what that means.

Dear Heavenly Father, we hunger and thirst after your righteousness and seek after the true Bread of life. Thank you for being with us in all things. In Jesus name. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Wow that was a powerful dream. I had some weird dreams too but nothing vivid enough for me to recount on. Either way I'm feeling surprisingly energetic for only having juice for the last 5 days :). Just FYI I stipulated in my personal contract that I would do the first 7 days juices only then convert to the Daniel fast for the remaining 14.

wendyworn said...

The Daniel Fast is still a fast - the Lord respects our fasts. Many times the children of Isreal only fasted until evening. I am praying for you and your girlfriend during this fast!

Blessings in Christ

Kim said...


Could it have something to do with the fact that most of what we eat is junk, "pre"packaged, "pre"pared, "pre"served, genetically modified and filled with artificial flavors, bug killer, weed killer and not to mention germs from handling?


wendyworn said...

Yes, so much of our natural food is full of poisonous chemicals, we need to be aware of what we are putting in our bodies. Likewise, we need to make sure that the Word we are hearing is the true word and not poison and doctrines of demons. Just because someone calls themself a prophet or teacher of God, does not mean that what they are serving us is the truth of God's Word. We need to be Bereans - and check whether these things are so.