Wednesday, December 22, 2010

one more piece of straw on the camel's back

Here is the president of the United States signing the law repealing the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. First of all, there was really nothing stopping gay people from serving in the military before. They just couldn't walk around flaunting it and rubbing it in people's faces the way they will be able to now.

It really shows how reprobate the leadership of this country is, if they cannot see that this is a threat to national security. Not to mention the hardship this will be on our young men and women now serving in the military who will have to undress and shower with these people. Understand I don't hate gay people. I pray that they will repent of their preverse and sinful lifestyle and be saved. Sodomy and the homosexual lifestyle opens people up to the most wicked and debase spirits out there.

The boy next door to us, the boy I was totally in love with growing up has moved back home with his parents recently. And he brought his homosexual lover with him. Everyone in the neighborhood (most of whom are old-school Catholics) are scrambling to profess their acceptance of this couple. My parents wanted to hire the guy to clean their carpet in preparation of putting their house on the market. I was adamantly opposed to it because who knows what filthy demons he would bring into this house.

Do I sound harsh? That is because our society has become so debase that no-one can see the spiritual if not the physical ramifications and consequences to that lifestyle. No-one teaches young men and women to fight off those homosexual spirits. That is why most homosexuals believe they are born that way, because those homosexual demons start attacking these people as children and because no-one has taught them to fight against them, they just accept the lies and think, "yes, I must really be gay." It is horribly sad and tragic.

Pray for those young kids currently serving in our military that they will be protected and not negatively influenced by the soon to be in-your face homosexuality that will be bombarding them. Pray for the homosexuals you may know personally, that they can be saved and delivered from these mean, evil spirits. And pray hard for our president, because the Word directs us to pray for our leadership and because this action will come down on his head.

Dear Heavenly Father, please have mercy on our president and the homosexuals that are serving in our military and will be joining the military because of this action. That they can be delivered from this lifestyle and come to a knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and thus be saved. Help the boy next store and his partner to be saved, in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.


John King said...

Haters gonna hate

wendyworn said...

I don't hate anyone. The Lord calls homosexuality an abomination so that is what I call it.

John King said...

you say god hates homosexuality, I say there is no god

I guess we will never see eye to eye on this.

wendyworn said...

I am sorry you feel that way John. God hates all sin, but Jesus died for us, to take away our sins and the sins of the world. You are welcome to email me if you want to discuss this further. If there is no God, why do you care what He thinks? My email is

May the Lord bless you and heal your heart.

Anonymous said...

It is the sign of the times, to call good evil, and evil... good. Also, everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes.

wendyworn said...

Yes Anonymous. Very very true!