Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The World has gone crazy! Oh - but you knew that

I saw this kit at the store the other day. It says, "Magic Science for wizards only. - Make your own wizard wand - CAST COLOR-CHANGING SPELLS - Magic at your fingertips" I was just shocked that they even sell this trash, but you should read what some mothers wrote on the comments page of this product:
by AllowayMom

November 07, 2009: This kit isn't as advertised. The kit pictured has 11 activities, including a smoking finger kit. The one that arrived at our house clearly says 10 activities. The reason I chose this kit over others for my 9-yr-old daughter was the smoking finger trick, many of the experiments are similar to those in other kits (such as the Steve Spangler kits.) The wizard aspect is unique, and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow, unlike other science kits.
This mom only gave the product 3 stars and did you catch what she said? The reason she chose this was for the smoking finger trick and there was no smoking finger trick! Wow. what a nice mom. Another mom had this to say:
Too Messy
by M13

April 22, 2009: I got this kit for my 7 year old..soon to be 8 and this kit was nothing but a mess. The powders and crystal are all over the place and they tend to stain a bit. Within a few days we got rid of the kit..the only thing worth while from the kit is making the magic wand. The smoke stuff sticks everywhere and smells. Do not buy this kit it will only make you work hard for the little you spend...Good luck if you have already bought it!
These poor lost moms don't even SEE the fact that witchcraft and wizardry and sorcery are totally evil and forbidden by the word of God. This harmless seeming toy is a gateway for evil demonic spirits to enter your cute little 7-9 year old! But Harry Potter and other things just make these things acceptable. Before I was saved I read Harry Potter and let my kids read it and now I really wish I had known better - who knows what doors may have been opened by that.

Please understand that toys like this are NOT harmless. This little wizard set is very obvious, but there are similar toys that are more subtil seeming but just as dangerous spiritually.

Dear Heavenly Father. Please open the eyes of these moms and protect these children from dangerous toys that teach witchcraft and sorcery. In Jesus name. Amen.

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