Friday, July 15, 2011

Encouraged in the Lord

It has now been a week that I have been in Casper. I was a little discouraged the first part of the week. I mistakenly thought that all my questions would be answered (as far as what the Lord's will for my life was here) instantaneously. I don't know what I was thinking, that the Lord would draw me a map or something? Well, the Lord doesn't work that way and I should know that by now.

But I do know some things at this point. My aunt needs to move within the next month or so. We have been looking at a couple of nice mobile homes in senior parks that she is looking into buying. I have more personal expenses here than I did at my parents house so I am beginning to feel I need to look for a job. So my aunt and I have sat together to pray in agreement that we are seeking the Lord's will in these areas and that the Lord will open doors for us - or shut them - and we will know what direction He wants us to go. I'm also thinking that I am going to need a car as well.

The Lord is truly amazing in that He knows our frame, that we are dust and can't see far off. He knows that we get impatient or discouraged and that is why He put so many promises in His Word for us to hold onto. I recently found a website that has some audios called Sigler Ministries. I scrolled down and saw one named Encouragement. I started to listen to it and the man on the audio starts out talking about Jeremiah 29:11! I said, Thanks Lord. I knew it was just the Lords way of reminding me that He is in control and has a plan for me. But that these things take time to set up.

I just keep reminding myself that trusting in the Lord means not being anxious or worried or impatient. But to rest in the knowledge that the Lord is sovereign and in control and will work out all things for good.

There is a strong Christian community here in Casper and my aunt is non-denominational and goes to several different churches as she feels led. Tonight we are going to this special prayer meeting at a church called Word of Faith Family Church but usually on Friday nights my aunts goes to another ministry that has musicians play and they minister to alot of homeless and street people that my aunt thinks may have some opportunities for me. We shall see. It is nice to be around strong Christians. My aunt has a strong suit in prayer and intercession and I feel already that I have learned so much from her about giving things to the Lord. She keeps reminding me that the Lord has me here for a season for a reason. I'm sure answers will be forthcoming.

Please join me in prayer for my aunt and her housing situation. Please pray for me to know about a job and a car. Thanks.

Blessings in Christ


yolanda said...

Linda, will be praying for you that God alone directs your journey. I just wanted to say if you ever figure out the secret to getting the Father to reveal his detailed map of our lives please let me know asap. LOL .I have really been blessed by reading and following your journey over the last year and strange as it sounds we are both coming to the same conculsions about some things we were taught by man.I just want to thank you for being honest in what you are growing to understand and willing to share.Most of the christains I know think I have went off the deep end . I feel like maybe i am reaching out of the box to find the creator not a man made God.. Take care and remember we are all in this walk together whether we understand it or not. We do need each other to share and grow . thanks .

wendyworn said...

thank you so much for your comment. It means more than you even know. I just had a bad night at man-made religion and may have just realized that Casper is not the place for me after all. I know the Lord has a plan, and I do not regret the things the Lord has revealed to me about love and it's opposite - legalism. Please continue to pray for me for clear answers on what to do, and where to go.
love in Christ

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Sis! One day at a time, that is for all of us to truly live by. It is not always easy, but there is no other way.

I can't say I am surprised that you had a awful night at a church, unfortunately or should I say, fortunately, 'we' do not tend to fit in any type of mainstream organized church. You will see more and more just how much we don't fit in too much of anywhere in the 'religious' world.

Are you considering leaving Casper so soon? I will definitely put you in my prayers Sis. Remember, that God is in control, you are where you are suppose to be for the moment. What is your email address? Maybe I need to check your profile page..

Ma said...

Sorry to hear about your bad night, Linda.

I will second yolanda's comment that I do appreciate following your journey here and your honesty.

wendyworn said...

thanks for your comments and your prayers. Alicia I sent you an email. I will post more on my loving day yesterday soon. I know God is in control, I am just having a very hard time waiting like a good little girl.

love you all!

Anonymous said...

YW! Ok, I will check my email now, I can directly to my blog. Yes, I know how you feel Sis trust me, I know. It is not always easy and God ways sometimes really seem cruel and downright abusive. Yet, he truly is doing something in us that one day we will realize was needed.

OH, I am going to read your last post and then check email..

love ya too!