Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Loose Ends Tied

It was a busy weekend. My son’s friend from Idyllwild who is now living with his grandpa in Coos Bay came up to spend the weekend at my parents while my son was down. He did that last year when my son was here and we were joking about making it an annual thing. He is a good kid and he and my son and I all went down to Saturday market in downtown Portland. We also went to see the movie “Green Lantern.” Then we had a BBQ (again!) at my folks and my sisters and their families came over.

Sunday, my dad and I decided to follow my son back to Spokane since the van was not running 100%. It was overheating and my son concluded that it probably needs to have the radiator replaced, which was not going to happen this 4th of July weekend. So we were stuck driving no faster than 55 miles an hour and stopping every 30 miles to let the van cool down before continuing on.

During times that we were stopped my son would get frustrated. I would pray and sought the Lord about the situation as I usually do during times of stress (and non-stress!) The answer was, “sometimes the trial is not yours.” That made sense. The trial was clearly my son’s because I had brought a book and my embroidery and so felt that I was ok no matter if we were moving or not. So I prayed for the van and my son as we traveled. Remembering once again that the Father and Creator of the Universe is in complete control of my life, made me relax and enjoy the ride – no matter how long it was going to take.

We made it to Pasco when we decided to stop for the night. The next morning we headed out early while it was still cold outside and the van made it the rest of the way to Spokane without overheating. Then my dad and I turned around and headed back down and were home again by early afternoon.

Today my mom is treating me to a pedicure and then I will have my last day at work. My boss has been a good friend and it has been nice to be her personal assistant. I will miss her. She was funny and said that I was like Mary Poppins, my work here is done now I just open my umbrella and float off to Wyoming, to where the need is. I said, yeah, I wish I had a suitcase that I could stick an entire coat rack into!

So my van is taken care of, my car insurance cancelled and my job over. Tonight we are going out for sushi one last time. I’m sure they have sushi in Wyoming but it won’t be Sushi Hana sushi which may possibly be the world’s best sushi outside of Japan. No sushi I have had compares to Sushi Hana. I will miss it! Tomorrow I will wash all my bedding and clothes and then pack.

I have been praying that the Lord softens the road for me in Wyoming and been praying for open doors to love people and tell them the REAL GOOD NEWS. My wise friend Alicia said in a comment on her blog, “Wyoming could also be a place of ‘rest’. He does give us some resting periods – there will always be challenges wherever we are, but sometimes some of them are less than what we previously experienced, or sometimes worse – only HE knows what we NEED to accomplish what it is He wants to accomplish in us.” I have been thinking of that comment during stress moments the last couple days and saying to myself, “maybe that was a prophecy!” The idea has definitely given me comfort many times over the last week or so.

Rest. I like that idea. I still remember Micah 2:10 that I really felt the Lord gave me when I was to leave last summer. I still think it applies to my life today. “Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it will destroy you, even with a sore destruction.” This is not my rest. So maybe I will find rest in Wyoming. I hope so. Maybe the kind of rest that Naomi said to Ruth, “shall I find rest for you?” We shall see. Ironically the latest podcast from Voddie Baucham is on Ruth. You can listen to it here. I also read a great post from Stacey Robbins at Free Believers Network.

I’ll check in tomorrow before I take off. Rest in the Lord today my friends. He is in control.

Blessings in Christ


Ma said...

“sometimes the trial is not yours.”

That really spoke to me...I am in a trail, but am pretty sure I'm not the only one in my little circle here.

wendyworn said...

Sometimes we are there to help others through their trials by prayers and intercession.

thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

I pray God gives you rest sis. God knows there are seasons when we just need 'less' to 'stress' over.

I remember when he sent me to Seattle, and I was there almost an entire year. It was truly a place of REST, let me tell ya. I needed that big time with all I had been going though before.

Either way, All of this is an adventure one way or another Sis..It is ALL ONE BIG ADVENTURE! :)

wendyworn said...

Yes Alicia - it is all one big adventure and I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me. I know I can truly rest in the knowledge He will be with me - in the fire and out of it!

Thanks for commenting!
Blessings in Christ