Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who am I?

My name is Linda Stevenson. I have brown eyes and brown hair that is beginning to turn gray. I wear glasses and without them I am nearsighted and can’t see far ahead. I weigh 221 pounds and I’m 5 feet four inches tall. I have an Oregon driver’s license and two sisters. I have two children and an ex-husband and one grandchild. I have an Associate’s Degree and was a plumber in the U.S. Air Force.

But none of those things are me.

I am a spiritual being. I am a son of God. I am an epistle, known and read of all men. I labor in order to present EVERY MAN perfect in Christ. My past is behind me and I am stretching forth towards the mark of the high calling of God. I am skinny and beautiful and kind.

I love video games and if it is the Lord’s will, I am going to get my dream job at GameStop where I will sell video game equipment to the masses. If it is the Lord’s will – I am going to play the new Zelda game.

I love Johnny and I have resisted him long enough. If it is the Lord’s will then I will go and visit him as soon as I can.

I can come boldly to the throne of God because He does not see me, but only sees Christ in me – the hope of Glory.

Where I walk is holy ground. Jesus died for my sins so that I can be free from sin. He died for EVERY MAN, whether they ever know it or not.

I am the salt of the earth. I am a light in this world.

You are too.

From now on I will endeavor to speak only spirit and life into people that they may be encouraged and grow in Christ. I will only do the Father’s will. His will is for me to love Him and love my neighbor. So that is what I’m going to do.

Much love and blessings in Christ

P.S. Here is a great video!


Anonymous said...

ok so the last time you were blogging about Johnny he was the child of Satan, now you are in love with him?

Forget about men, loose weight, get a job, get out of your deluded fantasy world and humbly pray to God to give you his reality in your life.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!

We are truly none of that!

Johnny? You go girl!

Did I give you the link to my You-tube channel?

I knew this video was very familiar. Alice is someone I am subscribed to, and vice-versa. I just posted on this video a few days ago.

If you have not already noticed, I am SPOKENFOR36 on You-tube.

Talk to ya later Sis!


wendyworn said...

Wow Richard. Have a bad day?
why do you come here?

wendyworn said...


Thank you once again for your gracious comments considering I'm in a deluded fantasy world. Thanks for being a part of it!

: )


Anonymous said...

Ignore him, he is just a troll.

Some people have to put others down to make themselves feel better.

Don't even give him the pleasure or control of commenting negative on your blog.

I use to allow 'Anonymous' comments, but realized that was not a good idea at all. People can come on your blog and spew all their negative energy this way and sometimes steal your Joy.

Take care Sis!...Ignore it..


Ma said...

Did you say....Zelda?!

My dd and I have been revisiting some of the old games this week while cooped up (it's hot out there!)

Our Twilight Princess disc is ruined, but we have The Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask...OOT is my all time favorite...okay enough about geeky me.

That video gives one a kind of "anything is possible" hope. I love it.

And it is so nice to see you, you are lovely! Praying that all works together for good and you are granted the desires of your heart:)

wendyworn said...


Yes Zelda! I have never missed a zelda game since they were invented! But I haven't played the last two because a self-imposed law against video games. It is wonderful to know that I will be able to play it again one of these days.

Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...


wendyworn said...

Aww! My baby sister Mia everyone!

Love you too sis!

Kim said...

God bless, Linda. You look happy, you love Jesus, you love people, if that's fantasyland, I wish everyone lived there!


wendyworn said...

Thanks Kim!

Welcome to my fantasy!

It's a great place to be!

thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Where will all your internet "friends" be when it turns to custard with Johnny. It is easy for them to be sugary sweet behind their keyboards supporting you in your folly.

wendyworn said...

Thank you for your concern Richard. I'm not doing anything that is not in the will of God in this situation. There is things I do not post on this blog.