Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fervent Prayer

Not sure if I told you this story already but here goes.

When I was a baby believer I met a boy at a bible class in Indiana that I really liked. When I got back to Oregon, I got it in my head that I wanted a chance to go out with this boy. I started praying about it. Now at that time I did not know the Lord like I know Him now. I knew OF the Lord but didn’t really know Him personally. Nevertheless, I believed the bible and I started to pray for this boy to move out to Oregon and I would have a chance to go out with him. I prayed night and day. It became part of my daily routine. I didn’t really believe that this particular prayer would be answered, but that did not stop me from continuing to pray.

Seven months later, I went to my regular bible study that I always went to on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and here was this boy! He was at MY bible study! Because I never really believed that all that praying was actually going to be answered, I was in shock that this boy was at my bible study. I thought it was a miracle! Like a gift-wrapped present from God Himself. So I did end up going out with him.

Nobody hurt me like this guy.

It was THE most painful relationship I have ever had. I was devastated when all was said and done and it took me YEARS to get over him.

So I learned some very important lessons with that experience. First, God does answer prayers. Second, be careful what you pray for.

My aunt is a great example of fervent prayer. Every Sunday, her and my cousins (her daughters) get together to pray. It takes a couple hours because first they talk about the needs in the family and what things need to be prayed for and then my aunt writes it all down in a prayer journal. It is a really nice time to fellowship as well. Then when we think the list is complete, we start praying in agreement for everything listed. Plus it is nice to look at things we have prayed for in the past to see what prayers have been answered. I have really enjoyed this time because I have really wanted to have this kind of prayer fellowship in my life.

So this Sunday we were talking about the needs of my aunt and cousins and wrote those things down and of course, continuing to pray for little baby Blake. My aunt said, “Ok Linda. Your turn. What do you want me to write down for us to pray for you specifically?” I answered, “Let’s just draw a big question mark and pray over that!” Everyone laughed but I was actually kind of serious. The Lord knows what that question mark really represents and I just want to pray that His will is accomplished.

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:16.

That word fervent actually means worketh. The same way that the phrase “worketh in me mightily” is in the following verses: “To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory: Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus: Whereunto I also labour, striving according to his working, which worketh in me mightily.” Col 1:27-29

It’s a verb. An action on my part. I am beginning to get some answers that I have been seeking from the Lord, but the Lord has also been putting it on my heart to pray for these answers and the future in the same way I once prayed for that boy. Non-stop until I see the answer. Of course, being me, I said, Ok Lord, but it better not suck like it did last time! No sucking this time, just fervent prayer until I get the victory. What an amazing Father we have.

Please pray for my big question mark.
Lots of love


Anonymous said...

I definitely hear you on the 'fervent prayer'.

There are some things I've been praying about that I have exhausted, it is all in God's hands.

I have a question mark myself, I hear ya on that. Will put that in prayer for you though Sis!

God Bless ya!

wendyworn said...

Question Marks of the World! UNITE!

ha ha!

Yeah, lots of question marks but I'm ok with it now. Just needed a week or so to figure it out!

love ya! thanks for always commenting!

Anonymous said...

haha Yeah, Question Marks UNITE!..There are plenty of us out here..lol!

Your welcome!!!

I have a prayer request Sis! I am losing my voice, could you please pray for me. I am praying I do not have to end back up in the hospital, which I was this time last year.

I need my tonsils out, but do not have the money for it..

This time though, there seems to be something else going on with my throat.I really don't know, talk about a question mark. I can barely talk.

Thank you so much and love ya too.


wendyworn said...

I will most definately be praying for your throat, for healing and that you will not have to go to the hospital. I will have my aunt pray for you as well. It is nice staying with her, even if we don't always agree doctrinally - : )

take care of yourself. Maybe you should try not to talk for a couple days and rest your throat? Anyway - I am praying for you my sister!

love ya!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!..

This is really scary, I pray I don't end back up in the hospital.

Your aunt definitely sounds like a prayer warrior for sure, that is a blessing to be around.

One thing is for sure, you will never agree with everything someone else does. I think this is the way God would have it, his own sense of humor. :) In the end it really does not matter, all the 'details' and such because Love is the only theology that is a 110% accurate if you ask me.

I am glad you are at peace now, and I do thank you very much.

love ya too!


Anonymous said...

I just posted a message, let me know if it went through..I am not sure. Weird!


Ma said...

I loved this post...I also have my own "?" thing....

Praying for yours too:)

wendyworn said...

Thanks Ma! You can be a member of our Question Marks of the World club if you want!

It's all good! :)
thanks for your comments and for coming back to my blog day after day!

love ya! and praying for all the ???? out there!

yolanda said...

Hey, you girls dont leave me out. lol I have alot of the what the __! in my life to. So it is all part of the mystery of the journey. When I read your blog I thought about the song that said thank god for unanswered prayers by some country singer, I have forgotten who. I know I had some I thought I wanted but thank- you Jesus we are growing up and instead of our way we only seek his way. That has got to mean something huh. love yall yolanda

wendyworn said...

You can be in our ??? club!! I think that song was by Garth Brooks.

It does mean something that we want to seek only his way and not our own. Thanks for commenting!


Anonymous said...

lol! I just realized the photo was one of an question mark with an arrow pointing. Wierd! How did I manage not to see that......ha!

Hi Yolonda!

Yes, join the club. The Question Mark Club!

I think that would be all of us. God knows sometimes when I think I know, I find out I really have no clue what God is up to. He only gives me 'small' bits of information, the rest is for us to truly walk by faith day to day.

One of my favorite songs is "Walk by Faith" by Jeremy Camp. I often listen to it over the years because it is actually at times the ONLY thing that makes sense. I mean, this journey is about "Walking by Faith' every single day..not knowing all of the details or having any information as to our next step.

We've literally come this far by faith anyway, I think sometimes we forget that.

I hope you girls have a great rest of the week.