Friday, July 3, 2009

Big Toe Contemplation...

In the past couple weeks there has been tiny spaces of time where I have happened to look down at my big toe. I have said in my mind to it, "I see you down there, big toe, far away. I know I need to cut that nail. However will I accomplish that task over this big fat belly of mine? I'm aware that at some point I will need to deal with you." Then life gets busy and you forget about stupid conversations with various body parts, but you dont really forget the fact that eventually something will need to be done. The big toe will need to be "dealt with".

I don't think to pray about stuff like that. Routine, mundane things like the fluid levels in the van need to be checked. Tire pressure and the getting of gas and toe maintenance are things that do need to be taken care of at some point but I never actually think about praying about them or that any spiritual lessons can be gleaned from such things. But I am learning to see spiritual lessons in everything, even if the lessons are how awesome and profound the Lord is in even the most basic trivial things in our lives.

I am feeling better. The swelling in my face and hands have gone down and my hands do not hurt as much as they were. I am traveling again this weekend and so the running of errands in preparation starts to enter my mind. Lo and behold, the Lord had an amazing agenda for me to accomplish all my mundane tasks while being able to share His Word at the same time.

First stop was to take my mother out for pedicures! To deal with the big toe issue, but also for amazing healing and bonding with my mom as a treat for her birthday coming up and for us to be able share God's word with each other. It really was a wonderful time for both of us, and we both felt very blessed by the Lord (and had pretty toes!)

Then I picked up my sister and we went for sushi lunch and stopped off at Jiffy Lube for oil and water top offs.

I found out that my dad has printed out these blog pages and made them into a little booklet that I can take down with me to the family reunion I am attending this weekend. This will be a great way to share with people this trip and the Lord and I hope for great doors of utterance to be opened for me to share the gospel. But it also really blessed me that he thought to make these booklets.

As I was driving with my sister, I turned to her and said, "I feel really happy right now." She said, "me too." I said, I'm going to call it joy. Thank you so much heavenly Father!

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