Thursday, July 9, 2009

Empty lake, empty street, the sun goes down alone...

Last night was Wednesday in McMinnville Oregon. The main road through town is 99W and there are businesses on both sides. I drove to the library around 6pm and I saw 3 different businesses with people standing on the street corners, trying to get customers to come in and spend their money. Figaro Pizza had their Figaro mascot man standing on the corner waving to traffic trying to get people to come in and buy some pizza. The Sandwich Express store had a woman standing out front waving to people to come in and buy a sandwich or dinner.

Even the Dutch Bros. coffee place had a man hanging out of the drive thru window trying to wave to people to buy some coffee. How many businesses were hoping for people that weren’t out trying to flag them down? I’m sure quite a few. No one is buying right now, and there is a hush, a quietness that seems to defy explanation. Or is it just me?

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