Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just saying...Updated at bottom

There is a lot of weird stuff going on lately. I'm just going to present some links and you decide for yourself. I highly recommend that you seek the Lord with fasting and praying to know what His Will is for you in the next couple weeks. Maybe nothing is going to happen but I find it odd that the president is leaving the country with 34+ warships, several aircraft and over 3000 staff members.

34 warships sent from US for Obama visit

False Flag Nuke Date Nov 6 ?

Whatever CERN was doing today (like possibly opening portals or even the abyss) they were successful.

Operation Blackjack - (November 7, 2010 is a blackjack date = 11+7+2+1 = 21)

Some stuff I do not have links to. If you did not get a chance to read Garden Girls Running from Babylon piece on why Obama was going to India at this time, it's too late because she has taken it down. But she speculated that Obama was going there for some sort of "birthing of the Maitreya" ritual. It may have been speculation, but there IS a spiritual war going on in this world. Like I said, I'm just presenting things. I don't know anything for sure or even that I believe that something is going to happen. But when Russ Dizdar starts talking about it, that has my attention. This is todays radio show:

Alot of people who call themselves prophets are saying that the judgement of the Lord is coming. Alot of people called prophets of God are saying the judgement is coming. Russ Dizdar is talking about the Black Awakening, a counterfeit Pentecost from the dark side. The book of Revelation talks about the opening of the abyss. Lots of speculation is happening on both sides.

But it does bother me that the president and alot of higher ups important people are leaving the country and Hillary Clinton is already out of the country and I can practically hear the dark side licking their chops. The Georgia Guidestones state the forces of evil want to take the population down to 500,000 million. There is also the recent stuff out from Lindsay Williams. There is a planned demolition of this country and sooner or later Satan is implimenting his evil plans.

God is sovereign. The adversary can do nothing with out the Lord signing off on it. So whether something is going to happen immediately or later, pray that you can be counted worthy to escape these things coming on the earth. If you are not saved, seek the Lord NOW and believe on Jesus Christ and repent and turn your life and will over to Jesus and study the bible.

Dear Heavenly Father, have mercy on us and protect us from the plans of the evil one. Thy Will be done always. In Jesus name. Amen.

UPDATE! - The government is denying that the president is taking 34 warships. What a surprise - denial, isn't that what they always do? Nothing to see here people, go back to sleep!


Anonymous said...

Yes we need the Lord's grace immensely when going into these next few weeks.

wendyworn said...

most definately! Thanks for commenting.

Blessings in Christ!