Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Please pray for this man

This is really so horrific. Eric Holder? is going to come out and say, "umm, yeah, it's not entrapment." Right. Like that man doesn't lie. This was a co-ordinated set-up by the FBI to keep the lie of "home-grown terrorism" alive.

Please pray for this poor fool kid. I mean, have you talked to an actual 19 year old lately? Once in a while you might get one that you can have an intelligent conversation with, but most of the time, 19 year olds are dumb as a rock. These FBI people know mind-control techniques and there is no way this kid could conceive of having a whole van full of explosives with out the FBI supplying it. Now they will throw the book at him to prove their point. Please pray for this boy to get saved and have the Lord's protection on him and that this court can prove that the real fault lies in the brain-washing FBI agents.

I'm far more scared that we have active FBI cells in my city plotting the destruction of christmas tree lightings with idiots than I am that there are any actual home-grown terrorists! This place is definately going crazy!

Dear merciful heavenly Father. Help this poor boy. That he can be saved and that you will watch out for him since he was so very obviously set up by our own government to be a patsy. Have mercy on him and his family. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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