Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And now a Word from our Sponsor...

I read this post from novusanima at Last Days Resource for Prophetic Disciples by way of new wineskins blog. I wanted to repost it here because it is highly encouraging. The total post is here.
"Beloved, my people, who are called by My Name; I call You to be set apart, to be Holy, to be ‘not of this world’. I call you to be mine for I am a jealous God, and there shall be none other before me. Seek me, and you shall find me. Rest in me, and you shall be safe. I tell you, that I shall miraculously protect those that would Believe on me and in me, and those that would call upon me in ‘time of trouble’ for I AM The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and I AM The God for today.

Beloved, press into me, confess your sins, lay all that you are at My feet, and I will take all that you are and mold you as clay, and make you Beautiful to behold in My Sight. You must surrender, and your must trust, for I AM The Lord Your God and I Do Not Lie.

Surely, trouble comes, but do not be moved. You must look to me, for I will be your help. I will be your deliverer. I will be your sustenance. You will be my people, and I shall be your God, and there shall be none feeble among you. Just as in Exodus, when the children of Israel left Egypt and there was none feeble among them, so shall you be. The how of this is not important; it is not a natural thing, but a spirit-walk. You must only believe and trust in Me.

Beloved, I come for a bride, a bride adorned in silver and gold and the finest jewels. You will shine for me and because of me, and you will be and do all that I have asked of you. You may decline if you so desire, but I long for The Body to come together, and to shine as The Son, and to do miracles in My Name: heal the sick, raise the dead, see mutlitides saved. This power shall be yours, and it trickles now, but it shall soon be a flood.

The anointing that I give shall be like no other before, and it shall be given freely, to those that would accept it. My Beloved, you must not fear in this hour. You must trust like never before. I will be with you, and the Words that you would say, let them be my words. The works that you would do, let them be my works. I will show the world myself; I would show the world Jesus through you, Beloved, even in the darkest hour. You must only believe, and you must only trust.

Beloved, I come quickly; do not grow weary, and do not turn your head to the right or the left. Press into me, Keep your eyes on me, and your house on the rock. I will protect mine, and I will do all that I have said because I AM."

Again - from A Word From Him, To Me, and To You by novusanima.

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