Friday, June 4, 2010

Crazy news today...

I feel like I have wandered into an alternate universe. Just a sample of the stories in the news today:

U.S. 'secret war' expands globally as Special Operations forces take larger role
It's nice that they are finally admitting these things are going on.

Darpa Wants to Predict Deadly Pathogens with ‘Prophecy’
yeah, let's write the script, follow it and then call it prophecy.

Part-Human, Part-Machine Transistor Devised
Transhumanism, it's not just for breakfast anymore. Hello! Mark of the beast anyone?! I feel sick.

'Printer' designed to create made-to-measure human organs Why stop at organs? Let's just print us some zombie hordes, shall we?

What was the most surprising to read this morning was Fidel Castro telling it like it is - "Fidel Castro speculated Wednesday that a nuclear strike on Iran might help President Barack Obama win a second term in the White House and also suggested the United States could attack North Korea.

The former leader of Cuba, who has not been seen in public for nearly four years, also portrayed the U.S. president as a victim of fantasies planted in his mind by sinister advisers." by WILL WEISSERT of the Associated Press. Full article:

Fidel Castro claims Obama lives in fantasy world

Dear Lord, help us. In Jesus name Amen.

P.S. On a lighter note, the Lord healed our printer at work. Thank you Lord!

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Anonymous said...

"P.S. On a lighter note, the Lord healed our printer at work. Thank you Lord!"

This is a special kind of crazy. You can't seriously be this delusional.