Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Official Man Card is SO GAY!!!

I haven't slept yet. I am a little stirred up at the moment. I went to hear Michael Boldea teach last night. (It was really wonderful! I went to introduce myself to him this morning and he was really nice. I was really glad I went to both the teachings.) Repentance is so important and timely of a message - and people just DON'T GET IT! They have no respect for God and no respect for the men of God. They are so used to water-downed messages and water-downed prophets that when a real prophet of the Lord comes into their midst - they don't even know how to act.

The pastor of the church that arranged for Michael to come teach, when introducing Michael told him that held within his name tag was an Official Man Card. He who holds the Man Card is officially a man, and can only be revoked by a man, and that a woman could not take away his man card. At the time, I thought that any man having to have a card stating he was a man has missed the mark somewhere. I mean - can't a man - and I truly don't mean to be too graphic - just feel around and KNOW - he is a man. Truly a REAL man would absolutely smack down anyone who would subject him to a card to validate his manliness.

I thought it was very odd at the time to say such a thing to Mr. Boldea, but I didn't know that half of it. Here is the introductory video:

I'm not even going to post a link to the website because it is ABSOLUTELY FILTHY. It isn't an Official Man site - it is an official PIG site, or should I say, Natural Brute Beast site. The site is filled with Boobs and Filth and to hand a MAN of GOD one of these ridiculous things as he is getting ready to teach the WORD OF GOD! Oh yes! How spiritually blind can you be?! I am disgusted - and not because I'm a woman and I wouldn't understand. What? Shall we ask Michael Boldea - who has travelled all the way to our state to tell us a Word from the Lord that if he burps his name he can get his card unrevoked? I am embarassed for my state, but I am so very sad for my fellow christians and the spiritual blindness they are under. I apologize Michael, for the Man card, on behalf of my state.

Please Lord, take the blinders off our pastors and christian men that can't see how this idea is of the world (and the evil one). Open their eyes Lord. I repent Lord of the things of the flesh that stop me from being who I am in Christ. Please Lord, forgive the people of this country that are so so blinded by the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Have mercy on my brothers and sisters and open their eyes and their hearts to repent and turn to you. In Jesus name, AMEN.

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