Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's never about the hair...

Poor Samson. I've been thinking alot about him. He had really bad taste in women. He loved them and pined away for them, and they never loved him back, only betrayed him.

The word documents how Samson ate honey from a dead lion. Let me put that into our terms. Say a person was driving along and hit an opossum. (which happens alot here in Oregon.) A couple days later you come upon the dead rotting opossum and some bees had made honey in it. Would you eat it? Gross, no.

I wonder what that translates into doctrinally to our time. Eating something sweet from rotten meat. Can't be good.

It was against the law to touch a dead body, let alone eat something from it, and he gave some to his mom and dad to eat, but didn't tell them where it came from. I believe that is when Samson began to go spiritually blind. By the time Samson had run into Delilah (a woman who NEVER loved him at all, so those people who want to act like that was one of the greatest love stories need to re-read their bibles!) he truly believed that his long hair that had never been cut was his source of strength.

His hair was NEVER his source of strength. The Lord was his strength! Little by little Samson forgot the Lord and started to believe in his own strenth. He stopped understanding that his supernatural strength was only when the Spirit of the Lord came upon him.

Unfortunately, he had to learn the hard way. First he was spiritually blinded, then he was physically blinded. He had to walk a very afflicted path, not to mention how much it must have hurt to have the woman you loved betray you like that. In the end, the Lord was with him, and he was counted righteous with the word acknowledging him in Hebrews 11. Someday, I would really like to meet him.

Dear Lord, help me never forget that you are my source of strength and my source for everything. Please let me never go back to being blinded by my own pride and willfulness. Take away my self-will and help me be obedient. In the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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