Monday, August 9, 2010

Damascus it is...

This is the bed in my van. It is really soft since I put all the batting I had under the blankets. A perfect way to store them until I need them for quilts.

So I have been praying and seeking the Lord concerning my upcoming journey. I know why I missed the call in April and I want to make sure that I don't miss anything again.

Yesterday I was reading Isaiah. Every time I thought about "where" the Lord will be sending me, I said to myself, it doesnt matter where, just that I go, that I obey. So as I was reading, Isaiah 7:8 jumped out at me. Damascus is mentioned twice. As we know, if it is stated twice it is established. I might not have thought much about it except that there is a town called Damascus about 40 minutes drive from here.

Today, I picked up Isaiah again and the first verse I read was Isaiah 17:1. Damascus again was stated twice. To me, that is doubly established.

I am unpeaceful about staying here at my parents for any longer than I need to. I gave my word to my boss that I will work until the 15th. Originally I was going to stay here until the 20th to get my check and pay my sister the $55 towards the bridesmaid dress. But the more I think about it, the more I believe I should leave on the morning of the 16th. Damascus is not so far away that I can't swing back by my work after the 20th sometime and pick up the check and then mail my sister the money. I feel like I'm already 4 months late leaving, I should not waste any more time here and give the adversary some sort of hold on me again.

that means, I'll be leaving a week from now.

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