Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 3 - Ontario - Part 2 - Johnny

Ok. So I am at the library again, cooling off. It is very very hot outside and there is hardly any shade in the town. Definately a edge of the desert, badlands sort of town to say the least.

So I counted my change a couple of times but never could get an exact amount. Too many pennies and too hot in the van. But I knew that I had over $5. So I went to the little gas station (I am very stratigically located, near the park, library, gas stations, pool and catholic church used clothes store, more on that later.)

I got $4 gas and a bag of ice for 99 cents. So the Lord has provided me with a hot shower, gas and ice all before 3pm, when at 10am it seemed all but impossible. Thank you so much Heavenly Father. My gas tank is still below E after putting the four dollars in. That shows me that now I dont have to try to walk everywhere in this stifling heat, but I'm also not leaving at this point. The Lord has more for me in this town. Maybe I will find out at church tonight.

O don't get your panties all in a twist! I'm just going to check it out and see what the Lord wants me to see. I'm not signing their membership card or anything!

So I was concerned about the dress. I went over to the little used clothing store that the Catholic church was putting on. Guess what? They were having a 25 cents sale. All clothes 25 cents. I had 57 cents left over after my gas and my ice. So I bought a nice blue shirt to go with my only long blue skirt and I found a nice light purple handkerchief out of my fabric stash to wear as a headcovering. I figure my everyday grunge cap won't due for church.

so Johnny just came into the library to find me and invite me again to come to his church tonight. Now it is established. I told him that I was planning on coming and that I would wear a dress. He said I didnt have to because I was a guest. I said I didnt mind wearing appropriate clothes for church. So now I feel like I already have two friends in this town. The Lord is so very amazing.

Thank you Lord for taking care of all of my needs, for introducing me to nice friends. Thank you also for Cassie who is on this journey with me as she prays for me. In the name of your son Jesus Christ. AMEN!

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cliff hilbert said...

Hi Wendy, my name is Cliff Hilbert and I am a friend of Cassie's (she also calls me her elder and sometimes spiritual father - her husband Peter says that's because I'm SO MUCH OLDER than her, UGH!)She sent me the link to your site yesterday and I read a portion of it last night. I can relate to what you're going through because the Lord has had me on a similar walk for a number of years.

I have a blog,, which is for the purpose of warning God's people about what is coming upon this nation shortly, as well as preparing them for the hard times that have already began. I would like to put a message on my blog referring them to your blog and telling them that many of them will be put on a similar trip as yours in the days ahead. Your daily trip will be a witness to them of how God will lead them and take care of them in the days to come. But I wanted your permission before I did that. My e-mail is