Monday, August 16, 2010

Starting out Day 1 - another new beginning - Nathan

I had an interesting day. I got to Damascus around 11am this morning (it's really not that far from my parents house) I parked my van in the shade and walked around a while and sat for a long time at a picnic table at the park. I was basically waiting. Nothing really happened so I went to walk back to my van and I saw something on the ground and it was this little necklace that says Nathan.
So I thought about Nathan the prophet and decided to drive to the next town over to use their library (Damascus has no library) and look up on my computer the word Nathan.

First I looked up Nathan at blue letter I did not know that the Word says that Nathan wrote a book of the bible that is now lost. I tried to see if there were copies online but no. (unlike Enoch and Jasher). Then I just googled nathan and came up with Nathan's Hot dog restuarant. But when I put in oregon this was the map image that came up:

If you look at the map you can see Mt Hood National Forest. That is where I am right now. So I believe that I should head to the green arrow (down towards Burns)

I do not believe in coincidences and I do believe that I am suppose to learn how to hear from the Lord this way. I don't feel like I have to hurry down there either. I emailed my friend Cassie from Joan the Baptist blog to have her confirm.

So I was hungry and I left the library in Sandy, OR and went out to my van to get something to eat. The van was super hot and oveny so I moved it to a shady spot nearby. I studied the map. I thought I could follow the Madras signs and then head to Bend and catch Hwy 20 towards Burns. Then I saw the town of Brothers that was approx. where the green arrrow was located. So I am considering if Brothers is my destination and I am seeking the Lord saying, "Lord, I only want to do your will and I just want to make sure that this is where you want me to go." I looked out the window and this is what I saw:

Joseph Herrinn is always talking about how we are all called to be pioneers. So here it says Pioneer - green light - One way! So I headed out Hwy 26. I drove for a while and then saw another library sign so I stopped to check my email and I had an email confirmation from Cassie. She had this link about Nathan the Prophet:
The first thing the article says is the meaning of the name Nathan is "God has given"


So I believe that I am supposed to head down to Brothers. Will hopefully post again soon!

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