Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 4 - Tearing down the house - Randy

So the Lord has basically told me to follow Johnny around. We talked till 12:30am last night about the Word and stuff. This morning was quiet. Not much going on, not any direction on what to do. I took a nap until the van got too hot. So around 12:30pm, I ran into Johnny again because he had some errands to run. I'm pretty much limited to the park and the library since my gas gauge has yet to be above E, so It's not that hard to locate me.

Johnny said that he talked to another local pastor who told him about some work. Johnny asked me to drop him off, if I had enough gas. I drove him up to the place, and Johnny said, "get out with me and we'll talk to the guy." So I got out with him.

The man's name was Randy. He and his wife Linda bought a fixer-upper house and needed some help for the day. Johnny introduced me and I told my story about being stranded with $42 in Canadian money and Randy pulled out his wallet and said, "well then here is a $10 advance." So we were employed.

And work we did. We ripped up flooring and edging and paneling. We worked very hard (I would just like to interject a side note here. Today is Thursday. My hand is able to work today after it's 4 days of sabbath rest.) We did a pretty good job. But that flooring is bonded to the hardword floor underneath at the molecular level. So it took alot of work for very little to show for it. But Randy asked us to come back tomorrow to start at 9am.

So then Johnny gave me the $10. I put $8 in the tank and bought two bags of ice. The pastor of the little church let me take a shower at their house and will let me park the van there too. So once again the Lord has come through with the vital necessities. And when I put the $8 worth of gas in the tank, it came up to a hair above Empty. Thank you Lord.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for a great friend in Johnny, for an amazing adventure and for showing me so wonderfully that you are trustworthy and miraculous and AWESOME!~ Love you so much in Jesus name! AMEN.

P.S. Thank you so much for all the wonderful emails! I promise I will answer everyone but it may be tomorrow or the next day because I don't know when I can get online again.

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Lily said...

I found your blog yesterday via another friend. I spent most of this afternoon reading older postings to get current with what brought you to where you are and what was going on now. Thank you for posting what you have and I look forward to more of your blog. So much of what you have said rang true with my spirit. Some posts made me laugh out loud and some made me cry. Especially when your ferrot died. I trust the Lord is taking care of you and as the Lord leads I will certainly remember you in prayer. Lily