Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rest for the land...hand...

I have been sewing non-stop for the last month. Originally it was because I wanted to work on the vacation quilt. Then I gave the unfinished quilt to my parents (very sentimental) for their anniversary so I was working on it to finish it for them. Then when I knew I would be leaving I sewed every waking moment, hoping to have the binding on before I left, or at least by the 20th when I have to swing back by to pick up my check.

My hand started hurting. I would sew and then it would hurt so bad I would have to stop for a few minutes. On friday, my hand was killing me as I drove with my sister to the coast (yes, I brought my sewing in the car to work on as a passenger.)

My sister says, "Maybe it is Krohn's disease or Grave's?"

I said, "Is that thyroid related?"

She said, "yes"

I said, "well, hmmm. I rebuke Grave's disease and Krohn's disease in the name of Jesus Christ and I rebuke and cast out any spirits of infirmity in the name of Jesus christ."

She said, "...okay then"

More than once I have had people tell me that it must be carpal tunnel or arthritis.

Yesterday I woke up and my hand hurt so intently that I almost could not believe it. But I worked through the pain, the binding is sewed on (I had my sister sew it on with the sewing machine in order to save myself 9 hours of work) and all I have to do is tack it down and secure it in place and it will be finished. I also basted the second quilt (which was originally the first).

This morning I woke up and my entire arm hurt. It was the most intense pain all the way up to my shoulder. So I sought the Lord and He said. Do not sew today. You have not rested your arm for a month. You owe it four days off. ! The Lord reminded me that one of the reasons the children of Isreal went into captivity for seventy years, was because they had not let the land rest every seventh year and they owed the land seventy years worth of rest. (sorry I can't find the verse where it says that) The land is a parable for our bodies as well. We are the earth. I know making these quilts is the Lord's will for me right now, but I need to be aware that I am to give my arm a day off once a week. I need to have that day of Sabbath rest, and to remember that while I am on the road. That means, no sewing till Thursday.

Thank you Lord for being so very amazing and teaching me these truths. I love you so much! I look forward to the road tomorrow, to go where you want me to go and to stay where you want me to stay. You are so awesome! In Jesus name. Amen

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