Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 3 - Ontario - Hejinio

So I was able to park behind the library and use their internet even though they were closed last night. I slept back there too. Thank God for my little battery operated fan. It is ridiculously hot out right now.

so all the money in the whole world that I have was $42 in Canadian dollars and one real silver half-dollar.

I wrote a list this morning of the things I needed. Gas. Ice. Hot Shower. Emphasis on the hot shower. p u. I drove up to the Bank of America and went in with my $42. Of course they don't exchange money at this bank and they called around but no-one exchanges money, AND there are no pawn shops either so selling the silver half-dollar was out.

So I went outside and stood by my van and cried. Both of the gas tanks are below E. I said, Ok Lord. I am truly at your mercy now. I will go back to the park and sit at a table until you tell me what to do. So I went back to the park and sat at a picnic table in the shade. There was a man sitting at the table a ways in front of me with his back to me. The Lord said, go talk to that man. I said, aww Lord, I thought you were going to open doors for me. Shouldn't he have to come to me? The Lord reminded me that he told Philip to join himself unto the Ethiopian that was reading Isaiah. The Lord said, go join yourself to him. I said, Ok. (There may have been some sarcasm involved.)

So I went and sat down next to him and introduced myself. He said his name was Hejinio, pronounce (E HIN E O). I asked him what his name meant and he said he didn't know, but it was his grandfather's name and he also named his son that. I tried googling it, but it didn't come up with anything. Strange, I thought google had the answer for everything. We got to talking and Hejinio said that he was on disability for his back and offered to buy me lunch at the burger joint near the park. I accepted. We went to the restaurant but he didn't have anything to eat, said he had just eaten a big ol donut, and told me to order whatever I wanted. So I ordered a burger and a diet coke. After eating snack foods and peanut butter on crackers for the last two days, this burger was heaven.

After that we walked back to the park. I stopped to use the restroom, and was thanking the Lord for the burger and seeking what I should do next. I thought to myself that maybe I would ask this guy if I could take a shower at his house. But I thought, no.

I walked back out to sit across from Hejinio and he said, "I live near here. Do you want to come over and take a shower or something? I have clean towels." I know it sounds bad, but I was very peaceful and knew it was from the Lord.

So we walked about 15 minutes to his house and I was able to take a very refreshing shower. And brushed my teeth. Then Hejinio gave me a huge handfull of change. I will put this money in the gas tank and buy ice. (Thank you Lord!)He apologized that he couldn't give me more. I thanked him and told him that he was very kind and generous to me already. I asked if I could pray for him. He said yes. So I thanked the Lord for introducing me to him and that the Lord would heal his back and cast out any spirits of infirmity that maybe attacking him in the name of Jesus Christ. Hejinio thanked me and we walked back to the park.

Hejinio's friend Johnny was waiting for us back at the park. He said he knew the Lord as well and offered to help me get a gas voucher. I followed Johnny for a while but the place he first took me didn't do gas vouchers but that city hall did. Johnny said are you going to go to City Hall? I said, I don't know that I will. I can go get on the government tit, but I'm not sure that is the will of the Lord. Johnny said, probably not.

I asked Johnny about the church he goes to. It is called Bible Missionary church and they are very strict about stuff. Especially clothes, the woman can't wear shorts but have to wear long dresses. So he sortof gave me hasty directions and then rode off on his bike. I was walking to the library by this time, because I'm trying only to drive for emergencies until I can get more gas. A few minutes later, Johnny rode back. "Church starts at 7:30pm tonight. He told me to come and tell you." I just smiled.

Where am I going to get a dress?

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