Monday, April 4, 2011

Adam and Eve: A Love Story

This is really the most amazing Love story of How God So Loved The World That He Gave His Only Begotten Son and more about How much God Loves us as individuals. God is the Great Author who has given us His amazing Word and has magnified His Word above all His name. (Psa 138:2) Jesus Christ was The Word of God made flesh, and dwelt among us.

But this story has to start somewhere and for me, it started in one of the most unlikely of places. Stuart Best. I'm not sure if you are familiar with him, but he wrote a book entitled, "Darklight." In the book, he has an enormous amount of research about the word "agape" which is the love of God, and also has a lot on the idea that when Adam and Eve were created - they were created in the image of God and therefore - miniature agape loves - just like God Himself. Now if you are interested in reading "Darklight" you can google it or Stuart Best and delve into some of his research for yourself. He offers "Darklight" for free to download from his website. But I would have to say EMPHATICALLY that I do not recommend that you do that. I only read up to page 535 (there is over 700 pages) and I believe that the conclusions he reaches are false and actively contribute to the deception that I am trying to overturn here. If you feel led of the Lord to read that book, then please pray beforehand for discernment. I'm not so sure that the meat is worth all the bones that would have to be picked through.

I used to visit Stuart's website daily, but every couple days he announced the "potential" complete and utter annihilation of the planet on such and such a date. After a couple years of that and still no extinction level event I just couldn't take it anymore! The only reason I even bring up his name at all (since you may have noticed, I don't like to name names) is that some of what I learned in that book, helped to open my eyes to the truths I am expounding here.

So I loved the premise that Adam and Eve were little agape love people. If they were in the image of God who is love - then they were also pure love. So let's go back to the garden for a moment. God looked at Adam alone, and stated that it was "not good." Up until that time, everything had been very good or at least good. So God created Eve and brought her to Adam. (You know the story. But if you don't you can read it in the beginning of Genesis.) Two little love birds sitting in a tree.

Now I have read many many books about what happened in the garden. Every one of them different. So I know that there are many ways to interpret what happened in Eden and I have read and/or believed a good portion of them. I think it is a parable for many different things - so pray about this idea of agape love creatures in the image of God. I'm not making this up, I'm just the messenger. "Darklight" also touches on this.

So now the serpent has tempted Eve and she has eaten of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The Word establishes the fact that Eve was deceived but that Adam WAS NOT deceived.

Here is Adam - a pure agape love creature - who has seen the object of his perfect love become a fallen creature right before his very eyes. Oh - we can say maybe he should of stopped her, maybe he could of talked to God - woulda, shoulda, coulda.

No he did what another famous romantic did in a similar situation. Maybe Shakespeare actually knew what happened back then? Romeo - having seen Juliet die after eating the poison - decides to join her in death - rather than live without her. Because Love always lays down His life for His friends.

When I first heard that idea my jaw about hit the floor.

If that was the case - then the fact that Adam subsequently blames both the woman and God for his disobedience becomes that much more poignant. Now a fallen creature Adam does not remember his noble agape love and pure motive sacrifice for Eve. Yet, that was the plan all along from God's perspective - because without the fall, there can be no plan of redemption. That is why - by Adam death was introduced, but by Jesus (the 2nd Adam) death was destroyed and thereby life was made available again. True agape love type life.

While we are still in the garden lets look around a little more. There is someone here who is not like the others, someone else who just doesn't belong. Someone who is NOT a pure agape love creature. Our adversary, satan who is pure hatred the polar opposite from God (and Adam and Eve when they were first created.) I read somewhere the idea that satan was able to get 1/3 of the angels to rebel because he convinced them that SINCE God was pure love - He would be unable to do anything about satan's revolt, satan thinking that he could use God's own Holy Character against Him. I'm sorry I can't remember who taught that so if you know please let me know and I will edit this to add the authors name. (Ma says she thinks it is Chuck Missler. Thanks Ma!)So the fall of man and subsequent redemption up to now and including the destruction of the power of death that satan has used to bind the human race, has not only saved man, but shown satan how God was willing to take on humanity in order to lay down His Own life for it. Thus proving to satan once and for all that the Lord can defeat satan without breaking His perfect Love and Character.


Ok, check in with you tomorrow! Has your head exploded yet? That is just the beginning! Love in Christ!


Kim said...

No, my head has not exploded yet, but I, too, remember the first time I heard that theory about Adam not being deceived and loving Eve so much that he would not let her die alone, and MY JAW HIT THE FLOOR, TOO!! lol

Don't you love it?


wendyworn said...

Yes! I do love it! :)

Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

There has been only one human who has walked this earth as perfect Agape love, and He happened to be God at the same time. Adam and Eve were never perfect, just innocent. "The fall", merely showed what God knew all along. I.E. that self directed man is doomed to failure. There is only one form of life capable of walking in perfection, and that form of life is Christ. The way to this form of life is through our death (symbolized through baptism).


wendyworn said...


I absolutely agree that self-directed man is doomed to failure. Thanks for commenting!

wendyworn said...

Actually Richard, who says that Adam and Eve were not created perfect? Why would God create them imperfect if He called them very good? If God created them in His image - and He is perfect - wouldn't they be perfect as well? God called Job perfect and Noah perfect. Where in the word does it say that Adam and Eve were not created perfect before the fall?

Anonymous said...

Adam and Eve were of the earth and therefore earthy. John the Baptist on the testimony of Jesus was the most righteous to have walked the earth of those born of Adam, including Adam, Job and Noah. Yet John the Baptist was less than the least of those born of the kingdom of heaven according to Jesus.

1 Corinthians 45And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.

46Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual.

47The first man is of the earth, earthy; the second man is the Lord from heaven.

48As is the earthy, such are they also that are earthy: and as is the heavenly, such are they also that are heavenly.

49And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.

50Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption.

wendyworn said...

Hhhmm. Thanks for clarifying. I wonder then, in what way was Adam made in the image of God? Certainly the earth was not the image of God.

Ma ~ said...

I think it was Chuck Missler that I heard give the idea that Adam fell to be with Eve. Very profound...just as Christ died for His Bride.

wendyworn said...

Thanks Ma- I added his name to the post.

Yeah. First the natural than the spiritual. It is very profound! said...

Abit of different pespective.... A topic of much interest, speculation and belief systems! Wanted to share the following for those that may be open rather than remaining closed to old belief systems…..

The Myth of Adam and Eve, Who Were They?

Eve was not a woman but an advanced computer – “Eveas Triangulatus”. Of course the ancient writers didn’t understand what a computer was, so the resulting literature derived from that era, are allegorical in nature; however, they do describe an interesting and most important time in our history. It is this singularity in history that we all need to study and be familiar with because all religions that exist today found their beginnings in this relationship of man and advanced beings. Understanding this explains a great deal. Our beliefs are created around false interpretations of ancient occurrences. If we understand the truth, it helps us to find the right path that leads to God, the path that leads to eternal salvation. Following the path of primitive beliefs only lead us back to the earth for another life. When we can empty our minds of those things we think, feel or believe to be true, then we have a mind waiting to learn, to be filled with the knowledge of those who know!

Adam was a human who worked with advanced beings. Advanced, meaning they had discovered and had access to advanced technology; maybe better defined as “other dimensional technology”. Eveas Triangulatus describes an advanced computer; a computer which did a myriad of tasks; one of which was, to facilitate telepathic communication. Telepathy is a by- product of other dimensional physiology. Advanced beings don’t breathe oxygen and because of this, they must remove all organs requiring oxygen; as a result, they no longer require a voice box. They sacrifice these human characteristics in order to have extreme longevity of life. A characteristic, that along with other sacrificed physical characteristics, they soon come to miss.

The story of Adam is a tale about a group of humans who were considered second class citizens. These humans were those who did the jobs that their advanced overseers did not care to do for themselves. Over time these humans understood and could work with the advanced technologies that had been provided for them in order to do their jobs.

The evolution of computers follows a singular path. For instance- all technologies, given enough time, will all evolve to the same place. In other words, there are no differences between an advanced computer and a divine computer; they all do the same job. The only difference is the being that is operating it. [more….]

wendyworn said...

Okay then