Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Walking by the Spirit

I want everything I do to give glory to God. My heart for this blog is to give glory to God and to do His Will. In my excitement and exuberance over my recent epiphany, I may have bitten off more than I can chew as far as trying to relate - in a few blog posts - the magnificance that is My Heavenly Father and His plan for this world and the world to come. I really didn't think of it as a pride thing, at least I sincerely hope I didn't and I really did check my heart to make sure that I was not trying to get some glory for myself in this.

Some of you are trying to walk by the Spirit of God, like I am, and you know that it is not always an easy road. Some of you may not know what walking by the Spirit is. Even that is not something I can really explain to you because I believe that walking by the Spirit of God is a very individual thing. The Lord may lead me one way and you another - because we all have different weaknesses and strengths. Covetousness has never really been one of my weaknesses. I have been out of debt for the most part for the last several years and have always given money to other people and ministries as I have felt led, so when the Lord told me to give up all my possessions and my job to follow Him, that was not too hard. (O some of it was hard, don't get me wrong.) But loving people and not being a respector of persons, THAT WAS HARD. That IS hard.

I believe that Loving people like Christ loved people is the most important key to understanding God's plan for the ages. True love is a fruit of the spirit, and therefore a supernatural manifestation. Oh, we can fake it till we make it I suppose, but then it isn't true love. Just fake love. I also think it takes work to really love people the way Christ did. You have to get rid of all your pre-concieved notions about that person, your stereo types, your prejudices. You can't truly love people and be stocking up on guns and ammo. You can't truly love people if you think that torture is ok. You certainly can't love people if you are a racist.

I believe that God does have to clean us up and change us into His image, but we also have to follow. We have to lead every thought captive - and sometimes that is an uphill battle every moment of every day. We have to live our lives according to God's word and obey the things that God tells us to do. The clearest way the Lord speaks to us is through His Word. The word tells us how to think and what to think and how to avoid sin and how to repent. And repentance is not about saying sorry. God doesn't want you to keep saying sorry over and over while still engaging in your sin. Repent means CHANGE. Turn your life around and stop doing the things that are sin in your life.

If you find you cannot stop sinning in a certain category in your life ask the Father why you keep getting defeated. Sometimes there is a reason behind it. Sometimes it is a demon. Don't believe those people that tell you that Christians can't have demons. They most certainly can. Satan likes to tell you that Christians can't have demons because if he succeeds in getting a demon in a Christian, he certainly does not want that Christian to be delivered. That is why Jesus gave his followers the ability to cast out demons - so God's kids can get deliverance from satan and his evil hordes. It is God's will that you have deliverance from all demons and demonic influences. But sometimes there are giants in the land so that you will learn spiritual warfare.

You might be interested in reading The restitution of all things by Andrew Jukes. He talks more at length about this idea that I've been trying to convey and failing miserably at. There are some other writings from him that can be accessed from that page as well. I also think you may like J. Preston Eby - who I think I have mentioned before on this website. His writings on Revelation are absolutely astounding and very meaty.

Anyway, that is all I have to say for now. Love God and Appreciate Him and Thank Him for all the blessings you have in your life. Thank Him also for the trials and tribulations you may be going through, as He works to perfect you as a son or daughter. If you are not saved, seek the Lord and pray and read the bible and believe in Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. God desires all men to be saved, and there is nothing that can separate you from the Love of God. If you are a Christian, make sure you have not taken that name in vain. With much knowledge comes much responsibility. Do not let someone take your crown or cause you to lose your birthright or inheritance. Love God and seek Him first in all you do and endeavor to walk in obedience to His Holy Spirit.

With much love and blessings in Christ!

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