Thursday, April 21, 2011

Figment of My Imagination

I met someone.

Well, it is far too soon to tell of course. My email is in the public domain so I "meet" people all the time, both brothers and sisters. So because I get lots of emails and have internet friends, I can kindof tell that this is different. But I do not want to get ahead of myself.

It is good the Father has instructed me to slow down my thoughts and cast down imaginations because several times in the last day or so I have discovered my mind floating up in the clouds and have had to bring it back down to focus on what I am reading. Then I re-read the same paragraph over and over. I realize that reading comprehension may be down for a while.

The internet is a very strange place. In the olden days when they communicated only by letter they had months and months to wait between letters. Now in the age of microwave technology - a single hour can seem painstakingly slow.

Of course there is sometimes the thought that it isn't real. Maybe my adversary has set up an elaborate hoax where by a top of the line Artificial Intelligence is having conversations with me and Google and other corporations could be in on it even having gone so far as to set up an AI website with three years of hard-core audio bible teachings on it.

Yeah, I kind of doubt that one too.

Maybe I have really made up the whole thing in my mind and I have gone crazy after all. Maybe my parents basement IS the safest place for me.

Ok, probably not.

But I feel like a little girl who has just inherited a huge candy store complete with meat section that offers thick steaks marbled with fat, the kind that smells amazing if it hits hot oil.

I met someone. If even as a friend.

Don't worry my friends. The Lord of Hosts is watching out for us. Pray for us. We'll just take this one step at a time.

Blessings in Christ


MARY said...

Prayers are being said, for you and your friend. That the Lord will guide you and keep you. Keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart. I am smiling for you right now - Love Mary

wendyworn said...

Aw my true friend Mary

The Lord is a wonderful awesome God. I definately feel a song in my heart and have a HUGE GRIN on my face! Thank you for your prayers and comments!