Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ecola State Park - not quite...

I ran over to Ecola state park this morning because it was low tide and I remember Ecola State Park from my teenage years. It is a very windy road with no shoulder to get there and was just how I remembered it. I took an unused trail that we used to sneak down to the beach on when I was young. I got to about 5 feet to the bottom and knew I could not go down any further. I'm not young anymore and I am woefully out of shape. I wondered if I was to risk getting down that extra 5 feet how I would get back out again and had a mind picture of a helicopter bringing me back up with a broken leg! I had to stop at that point and go back up. Even so, the trek back up was very physically hard on me.

I know turning around to go back up was the right thing to do, but I still cried when I reached the top, being so close to the finish line without completing the race sort of feeling. I think I will try that again at the end of the summer. It may be that I will be ready by then.

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