Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The view from a high mountain...

The Lord woke me up at 1:11am to write this post. I know my boyfriend will like that, he is always seeing that number. I actually think I read somewhere that 3 ones represents the Lord. Well, the Lord is definately in charge of this journey.

I stayed at the hotel in Florence until I had to check out of the hotel at 11am because I was listening to the recent teachings from Pastor David J. Meyer, a man I know has the spirit of God and teaches the truth of God's word. His recent teaching was titled "A view from the mountaintop." which is fast becoming a theme of this trip.

I drove south all day. I reached North Bend faster than I thought I would. I left the safety of Hwy 101 there because I wanted to follow the coast and 101 was far more inland than I wanted. I felt a little concerned about leaving 101 for a minute when I saw a sign that said, "Relax, God is in charge!" It made me laugh and reminded me that yes, the Lord is very much in charge of this trip.

I knew that I needed to walk along the beach today. Part of the importance of obeying the Lord is getting some exercise each day. I did not find any real beach access until around 2pm, when I found a day use park unexpectly. I walked out to the ocean and what should float in on a wave right to my foot? A perfectly fresh orange! I knew that was a gift from the Lord, just to prove to me once again that He will provide for all my needs on this trip, supernaturally if need be. When I got back to the van, I peeled that orange and ate it, and it was the freshest most juicy, best orange I have eaten in my life. I really wished I had a camera at that point, so you could see how fresh and perfect this orange was. That is the care of the Lord.

Then I drove a very strange back road to Bandon where the road looked out over the tops of the trees and I kept feeling that I was on TOP OF THE WORLD. Only it was a scary feeling because I also felt like I could literally fall off either side of the road and fall into the forests. Definately the view off the high mountain.

Even the view off the cliffs of Bandon near the motel where I am staying tonight is high up over the ocean and rocks. Here is a picture of one of the rocks near Bandon. Face Rock.

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