Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The journey commences

We spent all weekend getting the van ready for the spiritual journey that the Lord would have me go on. Just so you can see how amazing the curtains are I do have some pictures of the inside of the van to see how I could live comfortably.

I was very thankful for the amazing work my sister and her husband did to make those curtains and to put my stuff on top the van and I thanked the Lord and blessed them as I left.

I drove first to Lincoln City and then down to Florence. I did pull over at one point and crawled in back to sleep and everything was great, but I realized my mistake in getting rid of the blankets. It was very cold yesterday, but thankfully the extra quilt I was using as a seat cover could just as easily be used as an extra blanket in a pinch. It was a nice nap.

Then I was able to stop at the little stone cabin at Cape Perpetua that the Lord had put on my heart very strongly to see. It was an absolutely breathtaking view.

I stayed in Florence (in a hotel, I know, but I really did need the wifi, I will not be able to do that very much at $65!)

A very strange storm happened during the night. It didn't move like normal storms and it was a very intense thunder and lightning storm but it never rained. It reminded me that there is a spiritual battle going on. We wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers and spiritual WICKEDNESS in HIGH PLACES.

Do not justify to ME why you have rejected the LORD and JESUS and the WORD OF GOD, THE BIBLE. The flimsy excuses you use to absolve your guilt will not save you in the day of judgement, which IS ABSOLUTELY COMING SOON. SEEK THE FATHER WHILE THERE IS TIME!!!

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