Monday, June 15, 2009

Robbing banks in Waldenport

or personal run on the bank part 2.

Very strange day today. The wifi was down at the Florence library, so I just decided to head north. It is a very beautiful day compared to the last time I was driving trough Waldenport and Newport. I stopped in Waldenport at their library and checked on the computer where a branch of my bank is located in Newport. I found out that Waldenport itself had a branch of my bank only a couple blocks away from the library. So I drove to the bank to cash a check I had. While I was there I decided to take a huge chunk of cash out of my account because I'm not happy with the way the bank flagged my account for fraud because I got gas three times in one day. (My gas gauge is broken)

So I got out $2500 in cash and hid it in a secret place in my vehicle. I got in and continued north. I crossed the bridge out of Waldenport but the Lord put it on my spirit to double check the money. So I pulled over, and went to check the money. Come to find out the girl had actually given me $7000! SCORE!!!! (just kidding!) I turned straight around and drove back to the bank to return the money. Phew! I was a bank robber and didnt even know it! Thank the Lord He showed me that before I got too far away.

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