Friday, June 5, 2009

Zombie City: Reedsport

I sortof missed going to Brookings. On the way down I was distracted by my decision whether or not to go to California to drop off the hitch-hiker. On the way back up I was distracted because it was late and I was looking for a place to sleep by then.

But I do remember both times I drove through Reedsport and Gardiner. Boarded up buildings galore and the epitome of a good horror movie scene, (or government cover-up town.) I mentioned to my hitch-hiker that I just felt like Reedsport was a very weird dead little town. My hitch-hiker told me the reason he was separated from his friends was he was arrested in Reedsport for sitting on the rail-road track. "Criminal Trespass." According to him, he had to stay in jail for 5 days because the judge only worked on Tuesdays. Wow.

Yesterday I had a craving all day for a big crab and maybe shrimp salad. But I never really had an opportunity to pull over anywhere because of all the storms. Anyway, as I was driving through Reedsport I see a sign in front of the Bedrock Cafe that says "Crab Louie" which is basically crab salad. Actually their B was upside-down so that it really said, "Crap Louie" I went in and it was just out of the twilight zone. The waitresses first ignored me for the most part so I moved up to the counter. They didnt seat me and just rattled off the specials, it was strange like they did not want me to eat there. I ended up leaving without ordering. I dont know if Zombies roam the street at night in Reedsport, but during the day, they work at the Bedrock Cafe.


Obstructionist said...

The cemetary in Gardiner is a real trip, huge head stones, a definet stop if you are into graveyards. My sister actually searches out these places.

I am more likely to hit the coffee shops of Reedsport, I do on a once a month route through there. Schooners Cafe, the Sugar Shack, Back to the Best, Reedsport Coffee House, 1000 Cups of Coffee, I have all of them in Reedsport memorized. Its a slower pace for sure, but I live in Los Angeles, so I kind of like it DEAD!

Chowdergirl said...

Hi there, I am so sorry that you were treated that way by one of my staffers. I have printed out your blog post for staff to read and really appreciate your input. Hopefully this won't happen to you again. We really take pride in our restaurant- really! I am so sorry!

Bedrock's Co-Owner

wendyworn said...

Thanks Chowdergirl, I'll remember that next time I go through town.