Saturday, June 18, 2011

Garage Sales and Gyros

Some days are just living life.

My sisters took me out to lunch. They are excited for me to go to Wyoming but sad to see me go. I have really great sisters.

Then we drove around in the rain, going to garage sales. It was a nice afternoon.

Enjoy life today my friends!
Blessings in Christ!


wendyworn said...

oh, and those homemade fries were SO YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

lol! So much for losing weight! hahaa..They look GOOD btw.

I miss the rain up that way, boy do I miss the rain. That was one of the things I did love about it.


wendyworn said...


Oh Alicia! You can have the rain! I was saying - I bet it's not raining like this in Wyoming! I am looking forward to being out of the rain soon! I need sunshine!

and blue sky!!!

love ya!

Anonymous said...


Oh, Well....come on down here and you will get MORE Sunshine and Blue Skies than you bargained for.

Almost every single day the sun is out (over 300 days a year) and the sky is blue even when it rains the sun sometimes is still out. (Seriously, it is at times).

I loved the rain in the Pacific North-West, loved it, loved it, loved it. Boy, do I miss it! :(

My prayer is to get back that way, that is my hearts desire Sis. When that day comes, I will be just as happy as you are to leave it. :) haha!

love ya too!