Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Little Pieces of Unforgiveness

As I was driving through some SPECTACULARLY beautiful country - I was thinking about my last blog posts. Why am I so irritated with my mom? It's not that traveling is stressful - I'm not feeling stressed.

I once had a boyfriend who was a deaf mute. Once he signed to me, "Are you mad at me?" Well, no. I'm not mad. What is the sign for annoyed? What is the sign for irritated? What?! What do you mean there are no signs for that? Oh. Ok. I guess maybe I am a little mad.

The Word says, "Be ye angry and sin not." Anger is a feeling. Feelings can't just be ignored or discarded. They need to be dealt with.

Oh I know. Dead men don't have feelings. But we are only metaphorically dead - not literally. While we still live in this flesh body - we still have feelings that need to be dealt with.

So I asked the Lord why I was so irritated. The Lord began to show me that not only was each incidence of irritation on my part - little pieces of unforgiveness - but they were miss opportunities as well.

Every time I was irritated - I should have forgiven her. Every time I was annoyed - I should have prayed. For my mom - that I can love her like Christ loved me and gave himself for me - and that she could be blessed, that she could be saved and that the Lord can heal her and open her eyes. I could have prayed for myself - that I can be more loving and forgiving and patient. I should have been giving thanks to my Heavenly Father for all the blessings He gives me on a daily basis. To thank Him for my mom and for this vacation and the beautiful countryside. I should be praying without ceasing - especially when I am felling annoyed or irritated!

Please pray for me my friends.
Blessings in Christ


Anonymous said...

I am sooooo jealous. ( In a good way)..I wish I was on this trip, the pictures are so beautiful and I so miss the West. I have been wanting to be back on the West Coast since I left two years ago, and this is another one of my 'heartaches' to be honest.

You just reminded me of something I did not realize I need to do as well. I need to forgive as I am hurt and not hold the little 'pieces', I have done this a few time in a few situations as well.

I should pray for them who hurt me when they hurt me, I should ask the Lord at the time to give me the power to pray even if I can't for them.

Great reminder sis!..Thanks for posting this, this is definitely for me as well..How long are you going to be without internet?..Praying for you...


wendyworn said...

Hey! just got internet again. Sometimes this hotel internet is bad off and on. Looking forward to being "home" again.

thanks for your thoughtful comments!

love in Christ

Anonymous said...

I forgot you guys were at a hotel. How are you grandparents? They sound so cute, I was reading your post on them. Thank God your granddad is ok after that fall..God is good!..

YW sis!

wendyworn said...

My grandparents are great and they are cute! Especially my grandma. She is so tiny yet so full of strength. "It's a good life if you don't weaken!" is her motto!

I fully believe that it was a miracle that my grandfather was ok after that fall. Just a pulled muscle but no bruises, cuts or broken bones. The Lord takes care of that old man!

take care!

Mary Myers said...

Hi Linda, Liked your last two posts, dealt in my heart after reading them. I too struggle with the F word, forgiveness of course. I liked what Alicia said - I need to forgive as I am hurt and not hold the little 'pieces', - I too hold on to the little pieces instead of making peace when I can. Glad your following the Lords will for you life, even if it is not how you thought it would turn out. Sometimes the surprise is even bigger if we just obey. Thanks for sharpening my iron. Love Mary

Anonymous said...

He sure did take care of him, that is another one of miracles. God is definitely watching out for those two.

Do you have a picture of them to post? I have always had a special love for elderly people, even when I was a very young girl I use to love to just sit around old people..