Thursday, June 16, 2011

My stuff

Here is a picture of all my worldly possessions not including a box of quilting stuff that is going to stay at my parents and will only be mailed to me in a quilting emergency. The guitar is non-negotiable since it is the Lord's will that I learn guitar - but I got rid of my bedroll (except the first quilt I made and my very hard to replace gushy pillow. I can put the quilt in the pillowcase and take it on the bus as a sneaky carry on. I also got rid of alot of clothes that I actually wear, but then I remembered that if I need clothes in Wyoming the Lord will provide. It made it easier to get rid of the bulky sweaters that I will not be needing for several months.

So I am going to Casper Wyoming (YAYAYAYAYAY THANK YOU GOD!!!) I have bought a one-way bus ticket for $89 and I leave July 7th and will arrive in Casper Wyoming on July 8th. My aunt is very excited for me to come stay with her and help her move. She still doesnt know if she is moving to another apartment in Casper or moving to Greybull but either way she has to move from her apartment.

When I was talking to my aunt - she said that she thought it was very strange how the apartment and job interview in Greybull seemed to be arranged from the Lord yet everything else now seems to indicate that she is to stay in Casper (although she has not yet received a difinitive "NO" from the job in Greybull.) I told her I believed it was the Lord because if things had not happened that way while we were over there, my aunt would not have thought to invite me to come help her. So we both agreed that this is the Lord's will.

So I am still tying up the myriad of loose ends here. I have literally been working on going through my stuff and paring down, paring down. I do believe the paring down part is over. I have a box of stuff that I will be mailing to my aunt, stuff I use almost daily but can live without for a week or two until it gets there. I am getting together birthday presents and cards because everyone in my family has birthdays and anniversaries in July, but I will just miss them. I made some new business cards with my new address on, and the new phone number. I'm writing letters to people and calling so that they know I will be leaving. Whenever I leave here, I always prepare for never coming back. But this will be the 5th time I'm "never coming back" so I told my mom, Don't worry, the Lord has a way of bringing me back here one way or the other, so who knows, I may be back sooner than we think.

Just in case you might be thinking that my blog has gotten less controversial lately here is a nice controversial you-tube video. Watch it all the way to the end because things are not always what they seem!

I have been guilty of using the scriptures to tear others down. I hope you will forgive me. I want no thing between me and the Lord and want to love my friends and enemies and strangers. I believe I will have some great love opportunities out there in Wyoming.

Blessings in Christ


Kim said...

No such thing as the trinity? No father, son and holy ghost? What does he mean by that?


wendyworn said...

I think he means the word trinity is not in the bible.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, so you are leaving for Wyoming. Awesome sis! God always seems to make a way one way or another for us to end up right where we are suppose to be.

Again, I am posting that same video. Yes, it will not go over well with the "Religious".. I told Jacob that,(but he knows it anyway) but he said he is just trying to provoke people to 'think'. I totally get what he is saying, totallY!!

When I came to understand Universal Salvation this actually was one of the first things God began to show me. He started showing me how the Bible is an idol to many people.

I wrote this comment for this same video on You-tube yesterday sis.

"love how you say that. It is like a lover 'loving' the LOVE LETTER, but not the "COMPANION". (God). So, they have a relationship with the letters that were written to them how much the "Lover' loves them and to lead them to the "Lover". The problem is when they never fall in love and develop a relationship with the Lover, but only with the 'letters'. Perfect analogy! So this in facts make the 'letters' an IDOL. No wonder the letter kills and the Spirit GIVES LIFE!.."

As he says, "Man likes to throw FEAR at you from the moment you learn how to read the Bible"...

I swear the layers just keep coming off Sis. God is removing the layers one by one...


wendyworn said...


I am very brand new to this and at first I would get very mad if anyone tried to say anything against the bible. Now I understand what the difference is. The scriptures are STILL IMPORTANT, but now I understand that it is the relationship with God that is more important.

one of the commenters on Jacob's site talked about the books in Revelation being opened to see if the Father's words were inside and that WE were the books. Totally blew my mind away.


thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...


You are very welcome. I know you are new to this Sis, we all are still learning one day at a time. Those of us who are open to learn anyway.

I agree the SCRIPTURES are important, but the issue is that people do not realize they are a "TOOL" and not to replace God with. Or use to condemn others with because they take the "parables" of Jesus literally a lot of times, when in fact he is telling stories to make "Spiritual' revelations to us.

I think the issue is for some Christians to see the difference in the Scriptures and God.

The Scriptures are to lead us to GOD, to correct, and even comfort. But, when everything is taken literally then the 'letter' kills.

That is powerful sis, I don't think I read that part. I want to read that, it makes sense though.

Revelation is "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" and we have made everything in it so 'literal' and it is a book that is very colorful with more SPIRITUAL principles about Jesus Christ Kingdom and "US".

You are welcome sis!..