Thursday, June 30, 2011

Side Quest - Spokane

Yesterday, I spent the first part of the day driving up to Spokane from Oregon. It is another example of how the Lord orders my steps in this life and makes a way in every circumstance. My friend from high school that I wrote about a couple weeks ago invited me to come spend the night. I decided to take her up on it and then pick up my son and bring him back so he can take the van.

The drive was about 6 hours and then I arrived at my friend’s house. We went out to Red Lobster for dinner and then came back and played the guitar! She is learning the bass guitar and showed me a couple of the songs she knows and I played the song that I know.

Her husband and daughter came home from the baseball game and her husband gave me a T-shirt from the team. Then he gave us an impromptu concert that was totally awesome. It was getting late and he had to work the next day so he kissed my friend goodnight. I said, “Thanks for the concert!...and the T-shirt!” and for some reason we thought that was really funny and started laughing.

Later we just shared what was going on in our lives and I had an opportunity to share about the Lord. She said, “almost you make me want to be a Christian!” I knew then, that one opportunity was what the Lord had brought me here for. It was a very nice night.

Today we made a music video! – So this is my very first music video. I was really nervous – but my friend is a master at making videos and she did a really good job making this video. So here I am:

Blessings in Christ


Ma said...

Awesome! And so nice to see you.

I admire you learning the guitar, I do not have the patience for it, I tried learning once as a kid, but found I was more of a music "appreciator"...

Anonymous said...

Very good! You Go Girl! I mean, you are a newbie at this and very good thus far.

I have always wanted to learn to play the piano, guitar, and bongos.(all in that order).

wendyworn said...

Thanks. I do recommend learning an instrument if you can. It is fun and relaxing.

thanks for the comments

Anonymous said...

It definitely seems like it, the guitar is one I'd love to learn as well. I think I want to start off with the piano first though..

Oh, wishful thinking!

I have so many dreams....We shall see.......