Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quilt Update

I finished this quilt recently but it is a surprise gift for someone so I didn't want to post it - but I can't help it! It is my fifth and best quilt yet. I have named it a Mother's Love - but it is a secret name that I didn't actually put on the quilt.
I actually started another quilt too that has browns and dark reds and is completely random. But I laid it all out on the floor and I have started to sew it. I am trying to plan how I can downsize and yet take the minimum sewing supplies with in order to work on a quilt.

I think I am down to the bare minimum of possessions, but I feel I will probably do one maybe two more pare-down sessions. I am contemplating getting rid of my bedroll which consists of a small gray comforter, two pillows (one the best squishy pillow that I have had for years!) and my first quilt. I use my bedroll every night on the couch and everywhere I go (couchwise) I have used these items and then rolled them up into a small roll wrapped with a belt. I went to a camping store and bought a bag that I can put my bedroll into if I needed to take it on a plane as luggage. I could almost put the quilt into the pillowcase of the squishy pillow and use it as a carry on.

I looked into bus tickets to Casper Wyoming and it is only $89 dollars if I buy the ticket in advance. That is good to know for future reference. My mom asked if I even know where I'll be going with all this sorting and downsizing. I said no. But the Lord gives us plenty of time to get ready for the next phase. I'm just getting ready for come what may.

Please pray for clear answers on my van. It is completely cleaned out now and I'm calling the car guy later to see when he can come give me an estimate. Please pray for me to have clear answers on where I am going next or whether I am staying here.

Blessings in Christ


Anonymous said...

Nice Quilts!!

He will definitely show you which way to go, eventually.

Praying for you sis!

Ma said...

Is that hand stitched?

wendyworn said...

Thanks for commenting. Yes Ma that is completely hand stitched. I do not know how to use a sewing machine although my sister is supposed to show me how one of these days. But I like to make them by hand because they are more portable.


wendyworn said...

Also. It is made out of recycled materials. The little blue flowered fabric was a pair of pajamas, the purple fabric was a tablecloth, both of which I got at a garage sale, the back is also a thick tablecloth that I got at a garage sale, the dark blue was a shirt. Fabric is expensive, but used clothing at garage sales is usually pretty easy to come by!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, all done by hand. I would have never thought that had you not said it.


wendyworn said...

Thank you!

Ma said...

I thought so, It is gorgeous! I have all kinds of scraps lying around here that I hope to do this with someday. My great-grandmother made quilts by hand (I think) too.

I wouldn't have the patience I think, but I'll bet it was very satisfying to do.

What a wonderful gift.:)

Kim said...

What a beautiful quilt, Linda! There now, add that to your list of gifts.

BTW, could you please give me that Jacob's Ladder website again and Alicia's blogsite. I had to buy a new laptop due to a computer crash and lost all my favorites.


wendyworn said...

Thanks Ma!


here is the links to the websites:




musemater said...

Wow! Wendyworn, I guess I should call you Linda, as I've spent the day reading your wonderful blog journal, you are truly a marvelous lady and so talented with your guitar lessons & quilting & landing the great new job in Casper, I pray for your continual blessings in our Saviour Jesus name. Love in Him,and best wishes for you & family & your new adventures.:)