Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Closed Minded

So. My dad and I went to my aunt's house today to pick up some of the left-over flowers from the wedding. We sat and had some coffee and had a conversation that went something like this:

Aunt: "So. Linda. You are the last of the daughters to be married off."

Me: "Yep"

Aunt: "So. Are you putting yourself out there? I remember years ago that I use to go to these Christian singles meetings, of course, that was YEARS ago!"

Me: "I don't even think I am ready to get married. But if it is the Lord's will for me to get married, I'm sure He will provide the perfect husband."

Aunt: "Oh! I have something for you to read. But you have to have an open mind."

Dad: "Hhmmm..Linda is not known for her open-mindedness."

Me: "Yeah! My mind only opens so much."

My aunt left the room and came in with a little booklet titled, "Testamony of a Roman Catholic."

Me: "No thanks, I'm not reading that."

Aunt: "But it is written by someone who is not a Catholic. It answers alot of the questions about the church. Why we believe what we believe. I think that so many people have left the church because they have not had their questions answered."

Me: "sorry. I'm not reading that. I have answers to all my questions."

Aunt: "Tsk. A closed mind."

Later as we were driving home and I was thinking about that conversation, I just started to pray to the Lord for my aunt. I've already talked to her about the idolatry of the Catholic church and there was no point in talking about it again today. I AM closed minded when it comes to the doctrine and idolatry of the Catholic Church. I khow all about them and the spirits of errors that come with. The Catholic church exalts Mary and waters down the truth about Jesus. They preach another Jesus and don't even know it. It is sad.

Being open-minded to doctrines of demons is NOT something I want to do.

Thank you my wonderful sweet Heavenly Father, for being with me and I lift up to you my aunt and others who are still in the Catholic church and need deliverance. In Jesus name. Amen.

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