Friday, October 8, 2010

The Wedding Planners - Part 4 Countdown: 15 days

Every day there are details that are being taken care of and errands to run. I am mainly being a chauffeur, but I told my mom that I feel like I'm the muscle. I go in with my mom but mainly stand there while she talks and then I drive to the next place. I told her, "You know, how the crime boss has his thug along in case there's any trouble." My mom thought that idea was hilarious.

We stopped at the caterer's for a meeting and then the florist and then the dollar store and JoAnn's fabrics. We went to the nursery and my mom picked out two 1 gallon size white mum plants. She said, "Stay here and guard these while I look around." I said, "Of course. That's what we thugs do!" She cracked up.

Everything around the house is on hold until the wedding. My dad would like me to help him clean out the garage but, "I can't use my garage because it is filled with vases and wedding stuff. we'll just have to wait until after the wedding!"

I dare not say it is only 2 weeks and 1 day away, but the closer we get the more things we have to pack into a day to get ready. Our heavenly Father is taking care of alot of the details as they get handled very smoothly so we are not stressed out or anything. Just very busy.

Thank you so much heavenly Father for how you always take care of the smallest details of our lives. Thank you for always meeting our needs and being so wonderful and merciful and awesome! In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

P.S. I finished the top of the baby Black and Blue quilt and basted it. A baby quilt goes SO much faster than a regular size quilt. I am thinking I may give this quilt to my little grandson. We'll see.

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