Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Lord my shield

I know I said I wouldn't be back until Oct 25th, but you know how sometimes the word of the Lord just burns in your mouth and you cannot hold it in any longer?

My desire is to do the will of the Lord and to learn how to submit in a Jezebel society. I see the wrongness of the women who stand in the pulpit and teach the congregations. I see the women who beat down their husbands with their words and never submit to their husbands. I see the women bucking the governmental authority.

I also see the brothers who never admit they are wrong and put all the blame on the women. You cannot have a Jezebel spirit without the workings of the Ahab spirit. You can not have a woman usurp the authority of a man, if that man has not allowed it to happen. I see the men who spiritually abuse the single women and say, don't talk back, you are supposed to be submitting and quiet. You cannot blame one sex without blaming the other.

I know that I fully lived in deception concerning submitting when I was in the world. How could I know anything different having been raised in this evil world with the Jezebel and Ahab example being my only teacher? I couldn't.

But now I have been washed. Now I have been sanctified. Now the Holy Spirit Himself teaches me how to submit to the authorities and to Christ first. I don't have a husband.

All my life in the world I was beat up and abused. I spent alot of time building up defences and ways of protecting myself until I became battle-hardened. Undoing these bad habits takes time. Every time I blow it, I cry out to the Lord to change me. Lord make me a meek and quiet spirit. Help me to submit when I'm supposed to and open my mouth when I'm suppose to. Make me a vessel clean for your use.

I realized that I was afraid to take down those walls and those protections. I trusted in my own defenses. I told the Lord my fear. If I let down my defenses what if I get hurt. (I know, I'm supposed to crucify my life. Don't you know that is what I'm trying to do? That is between me and the Lord.)

Then the Lord showed me that He is my sheild. He will be the one that stops the fiery darts of the wicked from penetrating into my heart and wreaking havoc there. He will be the one that puts my armor on for battle and it will be His protection that keeps me safe. He will be the potter that makes me into a new vessel.

O Thank you my sweet Heavenly Father. For your constant protection. For never leaving me in the midst of this spiritual battle alone. For always blessing me with all spiritual blessings. In the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.


TheSovietChairman said...

What is good, is good. However to make the mistake of thinking a biblical society was any less broken than we are is dangerous. It's a tragedy to hear of women who have to suppress their gift of ministry because their church misunderstands biblical teachings. I'm glad you're turning to the Lord each day for your strength. In the same way we see how wrong it is to hold any other person as a slave, and that people should only have one partner, we should also see through the lens of Jesus' truth that we are all citizens of God's kingdom, and that women can have the gift of spiritual instruction. I will be married soon, by a female preacher, in my fiancée's church.

There were Greek businesswomen and preachers in the early church. Many of the Jewish laws were in place - for example, a woman's testimony doesn't count as valid - that were clearly instituted by man, not God. And many more were there (such as ritualistic/food/clothing/sacrificial laws) to set aside the people as God's people. Most of these laws were thrown aside when God instigated His master plan to bring all of Creation to Himself, offering us unity through Jesus Christ.

I have felt the spirit move in people because of the teachings of female ministers/preachers.

When a woman "submits" to her husband, it doesn't have anything to do with not holding him accountable, nor does it mean that his opinion should be hers. Just as when a man leads his wife, rarely (I would argue never) should he instruct her by force, or even biblical reference. It is not a teacher, student relationship, but two students of one path. He should only lead by example.

I pray for blessings on the journey before you, and that you might have an open heart. It is right to test everything you learn against God's Word.

Also- have a really good day :). The sun here's been gorgeous :).

wendyworn said...

Thank you for commenting. In this world of "every wind of doctine" it is hard to know just how to act. I have decided to put that in front of the Lord and to wait on an answer from Him.

blessings in Christ!