Thursday, October 14, 2010

Orange. It's the new Green!

This is the logo for the Orange cirriculum. It is a very scary brain-washing technique for all ages! Starting from two years and up! Here you can read: "If toddlers begin living out their values by age two, then how can we shape those values in their first 24 months?" It goes on to talk about God and Jesus and the Creator, but that is how this whole concept is very subtle. (how can WE shape those values?) yeah, they want to take a child's natural wonder at the world around them and focus it into what "they" want the child to think and believe. Find that in the Word!

It is even brought to you by reThink group! Oh! and then there are the Family Virtue packs that, "FamilyTimes™ Virtue Packs provide activities to be used once a week during each of these four family times--MealTime, DriveTime, BedTime, and MorningTime. All of this is designed to give parents simple ways to help their kids grow in faith and character.

The resources you will find in the Virtue Pack are designed to be strategically placed within your home as reminders of a specific virtue and its related principles each month. They should be placed in the location that corresponds with the time they are to be used. These pieces will be constant reminders to you and your children and help you to prioritize each of the four FamilyTimes™. As you go through the virtue pack you will notice that it introduces you to all the pieces and explains the concepts in more detail." Awwww! Virtues! Everybody wants those! Hurry! their on clearance right now!

I do recommemd that you go to the Orange website and discern for yourself the new marketing plan the adversary has designed to further blind the undiscerning masses. Don't be fooled by the few referrences to God and Jesus, that's just to hook you in and make you believe that this is truly Christian. It is a far far cry from the simplicity of Christ! If Satan can get the Christians to think the way he wants them to think (especially if he can start really early in their lives!) then he can suck the power right out of them. It's like reading a catholic bible. They've changed the words just enough to literally steal the Holy Spirit out of it.

But my favorite part is when they say, that Orange is a blending of yellow and red. Wow, how profound. "Orange is a path, a strategy that combines the strength of two—yellow and red—to create the brilliance of another, Orange. By combining the critical influences of the light of the church and the love of the family, the Orange strategy synchronizes efforts and shows a generation who God is, more effectively than either could alone." hhmmm, yeah, which god? Who writes this stuff!

Don't be fooled. The Lord wants us to have a relationship with Him, but He will set the standard, not some happy happy joy joy brainwashing cirriculum!

P.S. Look at the logo. Do you see the all seeing eye? yeah, I thought you did! GRRR!


Sarah Beveridge said...

Dead works, more dead works...

When will people get it??

Thanks for sharing!

God bless you!

wendyworn said...

Bless you Sarah! It is so sad that people who are honestly seeking the Lord will be deceived by this.