Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Lord's Provision

Long time readers of this blog know that in the past, when I have gotten my insurance bill, it has stressed me out. I believed the Father to have the bill paid, but I would worry and fret until it was paid. Worry and fret are unbelief. You can read one of my past posts about it:

O me of little faith

But since coming back from Ontario I trust the Lord more fully. I had received my triple AAA bill which is about $57. I currently have no income so I put it on the alter of the Lord and said, "My dear Heavenly Father, I trust you to pay this bill because I am where you want me to be on this journey and you have promised that you would take care of all my needs." So that bill sat on my dresser for two weeks. (It is not really due until December.)

I did not worry or fret. When I noticed it or thought about it, I just continued to pray and thank the Lord for that bill being taken care of.

Then my other insurance bill came in the mail. It was for $89. Now I had two bills that needed to be paid. So I once again put it on my dresser and thanked the Lord for His amazing provision.

Today, both those bills are paid and in the mail. Isn't God amazing!!!

Dear Heavenly Father - thank you so much for paying those bills and for the food that I have to eat and the clothes on my back, the gas in my van and the shelter and warm bed I am currently sleeping in. Thank you for always having my back in all situations. Thank you for all this and more in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Joan The Baptist said...

Amen and Amen!!! How were they paid??? : )