Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quiet moments

I miss the wind. It is too hot to sleep and I am sitting on my parents front porch. It hasn't rained since I have been here and it has made the transition easier. I am listening to the the quiet rustling of the trees and it reminds me of what I loved in Wyoming.

"you are amazing." I whisper to the Lord. "you really are."

I am thankful for the breeze and this intimate moment where I am close to the Father.

I have been working hard since I got here. Yesterday I painted the kitchen with my dad and watered the neighbors flowers and fed their cat. Then I showered and got dressed up and went to a formal Knights of Columbus dinner with my dad. It was very important to him and even though I was tired and sore I went. On the way, my dad told me that in 19 years he had never been to one of their formal dinners because something always came up. I knew I was where I was supposed to be. There was a time when the very idea of attending a dinner like this would have been out of the question. Now I understand that love is more important than that.

Long time readers will understand that I have not always had an easy relationship with my mom, and the challenges the Lord has already placed me in since I have been here have reminded me why I usually get along much better with her when I am thousands of miles away. But when I ask the Lord why I am here again the verses that talk about honoring your mother and father come into my mind. Maybe this is what I am supposed to be overcoming after all.

I've had some job interviews but no offers yet. I have a job interview this Thursday for one company and a 2nd job interview for another company but I know the Lord will place me where He wants me to be and in the meantime I'm getting paid for all the odd jobs I'm doing here so I have plenty of money and no bills.

There is more to be done here and I will continue to be busy doing it. It is again time to wait.

Love in Christ

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Brandi Carlile - That Wasn't Me

The Battle

Up on the mountain top
Close enough
To touch the Father
Falling to the ground
Me, myself and I
Earth, earthy
Thank God for Grace

Never alone
But always lonely
Not of this world
But not free
The flesh is weak
But the spirit is willing
Time is an enemy

Heaven and Hell
Where are they now?
Words and words
The kingdom of God
The god of this world
They are all in my head

~Linda Stevenson