Tuesday, October 31, 2023


This video is from a couple years ago, but the information is still relevant. Christians should have no part in Halloween.

Monday, October 30, 2023



On Wednesday, October 25, 2023, while we were all being distracted, Acapulco, Mexico was practically wiped off the map by a Category 5 hurricane that came out of nowhere. I didn't hear anything about it until Saturday (Oct. 28) when Jeff Berwick covered it on his vigilante.tv website:

URGENT: Media Blackout, Dire Situation in Acapulco, Mexico Due To Category 5 Hurricane Otis

Jeff states, “Not long ago I joked that I was going to have to paint my house in Acapulco blue to avoid DEW attacks.

This week, almost every house in Acapulco, and all the houses in the area where I live, including my own home, have been seriously damaged or gone… most of our staff, friends and family are homeless now… no one in the city has water or power and there’s no food… and right now, no one is coming to help except us. And, worst of all, there are dead bodies on the street and no one is even collecting them – they are left for friends and family survivors to deal with.

I haven’t been at my house in Acapulco for a while (more on that later), so it took me a few days to get the real on-the-ground intel as the whole city has been cut off from the outside completely, including all communication channels. The Mexican government’s response has been ZERO so far. Mexican media are being kept out and video uploads are not getting out, either. (We’re working on that, too)

The mainstream media say it was a hurricane.

Let’s see. A Category 5 hurricane that appeared seemingly out of nowhere, annihilating and totally cutting off a known haven for people who like governments to stay out of their business. To quote one report: “Hurricane Otis turned from mild to monster in record time, and scientists are ‘struggling’ to figure out how — and why they didn’t see it coming…”

I say it was most likely engineered.

And, as the evidence from people I trust and rely on trickle in, I am pretty sure I am right. It’s much easier to commit genocide with rain (except this hurricane had no rain) and wind than by dropping bombs. But I’ll get into that in a future video.”

The Daily Mail has an article about it here:

'Apocalyptic' Hurricane Otis leaves trail of destruction in Mexico: Category 5 storm - strongest ever to make landfall on Pacific coast - turns Acapulco's roads to rivers

This should be on every news channel, and the red-letter headlines on Drudge, but nope – hardly a word about it.

Here is some footage I was able to find on you tube:

Considering that normally they track hurricanes (and tropical storms) for days before they make landfall, the idea that this came out of nowhere to absolutely devastate a city with almost a million people is very hard to believe. The massive media blackout involved makes me very suspicious that this is yet another attack in the war against the people. It is just horrible. Please pray for these people and continue to prep.

Take care out there.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Sunday Music: Side Bar Special

Kansas was coming up on the side bar lately. I picked out a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

Friday, October 27, 2023

Cuteness Overload

Since I think we all need a break from war, doom and gloom and false flag mass shootings, here is some cuteness for you:

Have a good weekend everyone! See you on Sunday.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Another Day, Another...Well You Know

In the picture above – taken from here – Homeland Security is ON IT. Look at them scrambling around looking for the culprit in the alleged manhunt. Our tax dollars at work.

Literally – within minutes of the news hitting the airwaves – Big Country Expat was taking bets on our newest wind-up toy:

But Will He Have Three Names? Place Your Bets!!!

It appears that instead of 3 names we get 2 names and a date of birth (4.4.83). That's new – but the planners aren't fooling anyone.

Here is one of the MSM articles on the “event”:

Lewiston, Maine mass shooting: At least 22 dead as manhunt intensifies for person of interest Robert Card

22 dead, press conference had microphones from Fox 22 and CBS(eye logo) 13. Just my observations. I watched the little film of the press conference and looked at all the pictures. I saw lots of police cars but only one grainy cell-phone shot of someone being loaded into an ambulance. That little film clip could be from anywhere. So it doesn't prove anything. Overall that is a serious lack of ambulances for some 50-60 injured people. The hospital was pictured without any people or ambulances in front of it.

Just for fun I ran all the pictures of the shooter through an AI generated photo detection program located here.

So far no names (or races) for any of the victims. I guess we shall see how this whole thing plays out.

I almost forgot! Earlier in the day yesterday morning - I received this email from the Office of Justice Programs:

Strange coincidence to say the least. Anyway, take care out there.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

As most of you know, I moved here from Oregon a couple years ago. I still keep track of what's going on there. Unfortunately, Oregon consistently makes national news for the absolute worst things. So in the spirit of cleaning out my Oregon file, here are some headlines from the last couple weeks:

VIDEO: Trans Male Student Brutally Beats Defenseless Girl at Woke Oregon Middle School, Leaving Her in Tears While Fellow Students Film Incident

Portland safety commissioner asks residents not to call 911

City of Portland Tells Residents Not to Call 911 ‘Except in Event of Life/Death Emergency’

Oregon again says students don’t need to prove mastery of reading, writing or math to graduate, citing harm to students of color

If schools aren't teaching reading, writing or math – what is their purpose again? Oh, that's right, indoctrination. Can't get much lower than that.

BUT – there is still hope for Oregon. I'm surprised they are moving towards this, but if most of Oregon can just be part of Idaho – that would be great...

Oregon & Idaho legislators meet on the Greater Idaho movement

Take care out there!


Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Some Little Things

Little Arthur is doing well. As you can see his eyes are open and he is looking up at his daddy. Please continue to pray for him. He is so tiny!

Amazing Polly recently put out a new video. She does some incredible deep dives on who is financing this clown show and I always learn something new from her. Unfortunately I can't embed videos from Bitchute – but I do recommend you watch it:

Conjurers of Reality

Evil White Guy has decided to call it quits. He deleted all his blog posts except this one – saying goodbye:

That’s It Folks

I'm truly sorry to see him go, but I do understand his decision to quit blogging. Everything that can be said, has been said. Who knows, maybe he will be back someday.

Hope you all are doing well. Take care out there.

Monday, October 23, 2023

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Sunday Music: Joe Walsh

A little Joe Walsh for a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!

Friday, October 20, 2023

Happenings - Updated

It's been a hell of a week. In my life, in the world around me, it's exhausting to try to keep up with it all.

It's been three weeks since I lost my job. No job means no income. So far I haven't heard anything on the job front yet. Hopefully soon.

I've been really busy in the mean time. My husband is still sick and needs taken care of. He has late stage cirrhosis of the liver. He is in a lot of pain and is not sure if he will be able to move from his chair to the bed across from him on his own much longer.

I rotated and took inventory of the pantry. We are doing good there and could probably last for several months on what we have stocked. That is good. I repacked the bug-out bag and have another bag that is a first aid kit with lots of medical supplies. So I feel good about that.

I'm going through all our stuff for things to sell. Finally time to part with old video game systems, etc. I still need to go through some of my clothes and get rid of those things that I will never fit into again. You know we always hope...

I've been sick this week, so I allow myself time to rest and heal. But dishes still need to be washed and dinner has to be made and there is always cleaning, so after I rest for an hour or so, I get up and start working around the house again. I feel like time is of the essence. A lot of the time I am spending going through and getting rid of stuff might possibly be pre-moving activities. Not sure what the future holds on that.

I'm already sick of wars and rumors of wars, but they have definitely taken things up a notch in the last couple weeks. I actually attempted to watch Biden's address to the nation but I couldn't stomach his completely false sympathy for civilian deaths and had to turn it off. I figured someone will do a re-cap somewhere.

Posting will be light for a while. The pressure to come up with new posts is starting to wear on me and it is literally impossible to separate the truth from the lies coming out so I am skipping most stories I'm reading, for sanity reasons. If I miss a day or two from posting, don't worry, I'm okay, just really tired.

Hope you all are well. Take care out there.

Updated to add this link from John Wilder: Just what I needed to hear today.

Great News: Everything’s Going Wrong!

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The Great Taking

Recently I read the book, “The Great Taking” by David Rogers Webb, that has been making the rounds on many websites. It was an excellent little book, only 150 pages, that lays out the history of how we got here from the financial point of view. It is free online here:

The Great Taking

Here is the audio version:

This is another video from Neil McCoy-Ward. He reviews the book, and although I don't agree with some of his opinions on the book, he does verify the claims stated in it.

Hope you all are doing well. Take care out there.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023


My brand new grandnephew was born yesterday, six weeks early. He weighs 2.5 pounds. He is doing good, but has a rough road ahead. Please pray for him.

Take care out there.

Monday, October 16, 2023


I was going to write about how the Day of Rage seems to have failed except for some small isolated incidents around the world. I guess even the Muslims are sick of billionaires telling them what to do. Plus, based on the amount of mean Anonymous comments I've had lately, I get the feeling I am pissing off the masses with my tiny little blog. It is what it is.

Then I saw this headline:

NASA Is Launching a Mission to a $10 Quintillion Metal Asteroid Today - The 16 Psyche mission will provide invaluable insight into the mysterious metal world and how such objects form.

It reminded me of when we were kids and we would tell some outrageous thing to one of our friends, just to mess with them. Then when they believed us we would say “Psych”! Everyone would laugh, cuz it was pretty funny.

NASA remembers those days fondly. First they are telling us there is an asteroid named Psyche (pronounced Psy-Key) worth 10 Quintillion dollars (that's a one with nineteen zeros) – because it is completely made of metal. On Friday the 13th (last week) the mission to go to this metal asteroid, also called Psyche, launched without a hitch. The symbol of the mission is purple and orange and Psyche is also the name of the Greek “goddess of the soul”.

Here is a very quick video – pay attention to the picture of the probe starting at :49 seconds.

It's a black cube literally covered in flimsy black plastic. I didn't realize that trash bags held up that well in space. If NASA said it and spent 960.6 million of our taxpayer dollars, then it must be true and work as advertised. Funny, what number do you get if you turn the 9 upside down? Yep. And if you believe this whole thing is real...


Sunday, October 15, 2023

Sunday Music

It's just time for Counting Crows

Friday, October 13, 2023

Avoiding the Crazy on Friday the 13th

There are a lot of rumors flying around of possible happenings that may or may not occur today. It is important to have a heads up and prepare, but not to get into fear. Bustednuckles.com has an excellent video posted that everyone should watch:

Solar Eclipse this Saturday and wild weekend for jihadis…

For a sanity break – I decided to make lemon bars. I had a couple lemons in my crisper drawer that needed to be used and I followed this recipe:

Perfect Lemon Bars

They turned out wonderful and were far better than anything you could make out of a box.

Here are several links to posts I really feel are important written by saner minds this week:

Set Your Clock

Testing times

Israel-Hamas “war” – another excuse to shut down free speech

It's not a bad idea to recheck your bug-out bag. (I don't know what idiot packed my bug-out bag (me) but it was literally the worst bug-out bag I've ever seen.) Except for a plastic rain poncho and a huge roll of duct tape – there was nothing in it that was worth a crap for actual survival. I mean a couple tea bags and some instant decaf coffee among other things? How does one expect to live through the apocalypse on decaf? So I was glad I checked because it needs to be re-packed.

It doesn't hurt to top off the gas in your car and buy some extra groceries – but if you are already set for those things, I recommend staying home today, just in case.

Hope you all are doing well. Take care out there – see you on Sunday.

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Pick a Side – Any Side

It was absolutely amazing how quickly the masses chose sides in the latest psy-ops. I can expect that from the regular clueless people out there who get their news from CNN or FOX. They are hopelessly glued to their TVs and smartphones, scrolling through truly horrific pictures, being ritually satanically traumatized without knowing it and picking the side that closely resembles their indoctrinated feelings.

Also, not unexpected is the so-called alt-media lining up and calling out one side or the other. I stand with this douchebag or I stand with that one. Most of them are dead-on controlled opposition anyway. They get paid to get their followers to pick a side. Most likely bonuses will be handed out at the end of the day.

It is highly disappointing, however, how many in the real truth community, the little guys on you-tube and substack, who are buying the images put in front of their eyes and not questioning anything. They are picking sides as well. What's worse, of course, are the ones in the comments sections literally calling for genocide. Hello? We are already IN a genocide and now you are calling for more? You are playing right into the enemies hand.

From the Cambridge Dictionary: Divide and Conquer

“a way of keeping yourself in a position of power by causing disagreements among other people so that they are unable to oppose you”

A tried and true method, used on the public for eons, and still working to this day. It truly is sad.

Take care out there.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

They are Lying About the Babies - Updated

In the last article, “Don't You Ever Get Tired of Fake Wars?” I mentioned the stories of babies being attacked. It was in the context that it was totally fake and they were making it all up. I still believe that but just so we are clear:

REPORT: IDF Can’t Confirm Viral Claim That Hamas Beheaded Babies

The reason the Israeli Defense Forces can't confirm that babies were beheaded is because it DID NOT HAPPEN.

But, apparently, there is a bot army disguised as “Anonymous” leaving comments everywhere saying something to the effect of:

“Sorry, innocent babies being killed wether they are Jewish, Muslim, agnostic, etc. is an unholy thing. I’m praying for all of you.”

I posted one of the comments yesterday, but as soon as I did, it really bothered me. So much so that I actually emailed Cederq to have him take a look. He called it out as a “concern troll” and possibly a beta male and to ignore it. Very Wise advice.

I have since gotten a slew of these same comments. All worded slightly different but basically saying that babies were killed and that they will pray for us. All anonymous. That is why I believe that these are all bots sent out to keep the lie going. I certainly don't want a demonic bot praying for me. Just in case there is a slim chance that an actual person is posting these comments – know that all those comments will be deleted.

Israel has wanted to destroy the people of Gaza for a very long time. This little planned event has now rallied the brain dead of America to literally call for them to do exactly that. Here are some excellent links concerning the situation and our part in it.

Paths Into World War

The Gaza Prison Break and the Prospect of a "Final Solution" in the Israel-Palestine Conflict

A Show of Force and Love, Thoughts, and Prayers

Big New War! Palestine Attacks Israel in Biggest, Most Organized Incursion Ever

Israel, Palestine, and Pike's Prophecy

This is not going to end well.

Continue prepping and praying my friends. Take care out there. 

Updated to add this link:


Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Smoke Break

Sorry, Just need a little break today. Smoke em if you got em.

Monday, October 9, 2023

Don't You Ever Get Tired of Fake Wars?

Sigh. I knew it was fake the second I heard about it. (5000 missiles, then 2200?) Arthur Sido was quick to question it, as was Vox Day. Miles Mathis just confirmed my suspicions as per usual. I mean you don't get to have multiple red-letter headlines on Drudge unless you want to get all the people worked up about it.

So to start my investigation I typed, “fake pictures of Israel attack” into Bing. The picture above was one of the first to come up, originally posted here on the Wall Street Journal. (It may be behind a paywall) What's the first thing you see in that picture? Why it's a random pair of shoes – literally a huge sign that this is a strategic photo op.

They honestly think we are going to believe that they are snatching babies and grandmas off the street? (That was one of the headlines on Drudge – but even they must have thought that was going too far and took it down. I wish I would have taken a screenshot.) It sort of reminds me of some other fake group of terrorists that were literally throwing babies out of incubators. Oh! So now they care about the babies.

Plus! Let's talk about all the beautiful women that have gone missing and in less than 24 hours later they already know all 40 of their names! Wow – that is totally amazing! Not a fat, ugly one in the bunch.

The official spokesmen for Israel are saying, “It's our 9/11” As opposed to what? The first 9/11? Seems to me there were some rumors of Israeli involvement in that one as well. I suppose all the “I stand with Ukraine people” will be walking around with little Israeli flags in their bios now along with their huge lists of pronouns and sexual preferences. It just gets so tiring.

I have to say, though, the most outrageous statement of all came from the Conservative Treehouse themselves, “Regardless of diplomatic costs, the strategic killing of every element of Hamas must begin immediately, with extreme prejudice and without regard for collateral damage.”

Without regard for collateral damage. Unbelievable. I guess we can expect lots and lots of collateral damage then. I'm sure they will be sending billions of dollars to Israel now instead of Ukraine. (Which, I might add we were doing already) I wonder how long we will have to hear about how Israel has a right to defend their homeland. Especially if they attack themselves I guess.

Take care out there.

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Sunday Music: Justin's Picks

Good Morning everyone! Today's Sunday Music picks are courtesy of Justin_O_Guy. Enjoy!

Friday, October 6, 2023

What a Week

A lot has happened this week. Kevin McCarthy was removed as Speaker. That is actually huge news but my personal feelings: Meh. The guy has been crooked for years, not to mention there were rumors swirling around earlier this year concerning his closeted gay shenanigans. As Vox Day put it – he never should have been Speaker in the first place. His ouster was really fast, practically overnight – so I wonder, why now?

Now Matt Gaetz is either hero or villain depending on which side of the aisle you stand on. I still clearly remember his masonic handshake with Rod Rosenstein several years ago which told me all I need to know about the guy. His hero status, however, was short lived because I'm not seeing his name anywhere in the headlines today.

I've decided to stick with my original schedule and take Saturdays off from posting. Hope you all have a good weekend. See you on Sunday.

This video was making the rounds on Tik Tok a month or so ago, but I just came across it again. It's a clip from the 1981 movie Dinner with Andre. Predictive Programming at its finest. Take care out there.

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Pass or Fail?

(First, I have to state, for the record, that the question mark key on my computer has, for some reason, stopped working. I literally have to go to some random website and copy and paste a question mark onto the end of my sentences. I will try not to ask too many questions.)

So, it seems like they ran the big scary Emergency Broadcast System test nationwide yesterday and we all survived. I guess we can exhale now.

Now, I wasn't really worried about them triggering the zombie apocalypse or anything. I mean, not really. But they did succeed in getting three fourths of the planet to inoculate themselves against the common cold so just to be on the safe side, I put our cell phones in the microwave. Of course, I had it in my mind that the test was at 10:20am so I thought the test was long over when I pulled them out again.

The familiar sound of the signal (that we have literally heard thousands of times before throughout our lifetimes) came through the computer first and then both our phones went off. I picked up my phone and thought here goes. I opened it up and.....nothing. It was just a text message with a red triangle and an exclamation point saying this is a test blah blah blah.

So, the real question is, did we pass the test or fail (copy and paste question mark here)

So I started thinking about the whole scenario. If it was a psy-op, it wasn't aimed at the normies. It's just another day for them. So it was directed at those of us who are paying attention. We've seen the patents for ourselves that they have this technology. But, what if the patents are fake? What if all the “scientific studies” especially the ones we are suppose to “trust” that state that mRNA and luciferase and the ability to alter our DNA are all completely made up bullshit? How would we even know? I was already beginning to believe that the entire concept of virology itself is false. That maybe viruses in and of themselves do not exist at all and they have just been priming the pump this entire time. Maybe it is yet another level of deception designed to instill fear in us once again.

I'm not saying conclusively that it is all fake. I'm just asking what if? I ask again, how would we know?

I'm sure data on the reactions to the EBS test were collected at some level (most likely to be used against us in a future scenario.) So. Did we pass or fail? You decide.

Take care out there my friends.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Old School Excursions

The sky was overcast yesterday morning as I drove into town. I caught myself gripping the steering wheel and had to remind myself that I had no where else to be that day. I could relax and take my time unlike before when I had to rush around to check the mail and get groceries and speed home to clock into work. Slow down, girlfriend.

First stop was the Abilene City Library. I had a copy of my husband's driver's license and was going to get a library card in his name (because I don't have a Kansas driver's license.) The little old lady who worked there was so sweet. “Would you like me to add your name so that you can both use it?” Why yes. Yes I would. It was really for me all along, but this way was so much easier.

With all this technology at our fingertips we have forgotten what a valuable resource the library can be. Now I can use their computers and print out my resume (or anything else for that matter.) Rent some DVD's or books, even play video games. I walked around for a while, checking out all the rooms and what was in them. In the main room there were comfortable chairs around a coffee table with newspapers on it. That will save me money instead of buying newspapers to look for help wanted ads.

I sat in one of chairs and picked up the recent copy of the Salina-Journal. I skimmed through the headlines and then opened it up. Inside was a picture of Drew Weissman and Katalin Kariko who apparently just won the Nobel Prize for their work on the Covid 19 vaccine. Of course Dr. Weissman had his hand in his pocket in the picture. Hidden hand anyone? Garbage. They should both be shot instead of honored for their brilliant work to genocide the planet. I later read that Dr. Robert Malone was all hurt about it. He should be shot as well.

Next stop was the Post Office where I had a couple packages from my sister and my dad. They sent me great little care packages and if I get a chance, I may write more about them. Then on to the grocery store to pick up a few things.

There was a gray hearse driving slowly down the road. That's weird. Once it passed I took a left turn out of the parking lot to pull up behind it. In the back window was a little plastic skeleton waving it's bony hand. The license plate said: TIMEZUP. Ominous, but of course I guess anyone following it would think the same thing. Hhmmmmm.

Hope everyone is doing well. Take care out there.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Busy Day

Gonna be very busy today as I have to go into town and run a bunch of errands. For those of you who were the first generation to play Nintendo – you might get a kick out of this headline from the Babylon Bee:

After Latest Gaffe, White House Staff Remove Biden’s Brain, Blow On It, Put it Back In

Ha ha!

I have had a lot of people asking me about possible donations, so I have added my PO Box on the side bar. I really appreciate everyone's love and prayers. Thank you.

Take care out there.

Monday, October 2, 2023

Big Country Saves the Day

It has been an overwhelming experience the last couple days as I come to grips with losing my job and wondering what to do moving forward. My mind has been racing and I've had trouble sleeping trying to sort every thing out.

Big Country has been a total hero in that regard. He sent me a couple excellent emails with links to companies that he is familiar with that have work from home situations. He also suggested additional education and possible certifications that would pad my resume. Stuff I never would have thought of on my own. His advice has been, frankly:


If you get a chance, visit his website and give him some love.


Thanks so much BCE for all your help! You are the BEST!

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Sunday Music: Can't Decide

So I was trying to decide which of two fairly similar bands I was going to showcase today. I've had them both in my sunday music folder for a couple weeks with 4 videos each. After spending some time listening to both I still can't decide. So I will leave you with this fun little one-off on the steel guitar. Enjoy!