Thursday, May 23, 2024

Hugs and Old Hwy 40

There is a back road way to get to Abilene from my house that I have been taking lately and yesterday was a beautiful day for a drive. Since we have been having so much rain, all the fields are green and lush. The sky was blue for a change and there were actual white puffy clouds and no chemtrails. I guess evil takes a day off once in a while.

There is a little crossroads where I pass the unincorporated town of Detroit. It is just a smattering of houses with what use to be a bar and grill. It's closed now with boarded up windows. My Boss told me the story about the bar, I guess some brothers were fighting over it, but I can't remember the details now. I always feel a little sad when I pass it. It will, most likely, never reopen.

On the corner, where I turn onto Old Hwy 40, there is a sign with plastic letters that says, simply, “Pray for Rain.” I send up a little prayer for rain in honor of the guy who lives there. I'm thoroughly enjoying the trip as I pass stately old farmhouses with well kept yards. I saw an actual modern looking log cabin and kind of laughed that I hadn't noticed it before. I pass a cornfield where the little green cornstalks are three inches tall. That farmer will have a very nice crop this year.

Old Hwy 40 ends at the south end of Abilene right near the Post Office and I stop to check the mail. Just some coupons for fast food restaurants that I will probably not use. I just don't trust them anymore. Then it is on to Quik Stop to pick up a few things that are less expensive than at the grocery store. I notice the donut place across the street. When my car was broke down a couple summers ago, the Landlady took me there and bought me a chocolate covered donut from the drive up window. The shop is now newly closed with the sign taken down and a For Rent poster in the window. I never went there (cuz a donut is the last thing I need these days) but I was sad to see that it was closed. A lot of businesses, especially restaurants are closing in this town. A sign of the times I guess.

I saw the RV repair guy as he was leaving the grocery store parking lot and I was going in. He waved to me and I had this feeling of being part of this community now. It felt really comforting.

Inside the store I spot one of the guys who stocks the shelves that I use to see all the time when I was unemployed and would go to the store at the butt crack of dawn. He stopped his conversation with a co-worker to come talk to me saying, “I was just thinking about you! I haven't seen you in a while.” We chatted a little about my new job (just the good stuff), and before we parted ways he put his arm around my shoulder and gave me a little half hug and said, “it was good to see you.” Wow, I thought as I continued my shopping.

The woman who had prayed for me in the parking lot a while back was bagging my groceries. She walked me out and told me that she had been thinking about me and was glad to hear that I got a new job as she put my groceries in the back seat. Then she gave me a hug and said another prayer thanking the Lord for His many blessings and calling me her sister. Wow again. I drove home thinking, Yes, the Lord continues to rain blessings down on me. What a great day.

Hope everyone is well. Stay safe this holiday weekend. I have to work all weekend so hopefully I will get a new post up sometime Monday or Tuesday. But don't hold me to that.

Take care out there.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Notes from the War Front

I'm pretty sure this meme was stolen from BCE.

Today was the first time in weeks I've had a chance to catch up on the news and read my favorited bloggers. It's kind of like a soap opera. You don't watch for a couple weeks and when you come back the same plot line is going on and not much new has happened. It reminds me of when I was in the Air Force, stationed in Germany in the late 80's. My mom would tape “Days of our Lives” on VHS and ship them over. A bunch of us girls would get together and watch them, drinking beer and eating popcorn. Luke and Laura were the power couple of my day. Ahhhh, better times.

I guess another barge hit a bridge. What is that? Four now? I knew they were just getting started. The war is against God's people specifically and humanity in general. Slowly but surely they will destroy all the infrastructure in this country and continue to let hordes of invaders in to finish us off on some particular occult day. Maybe 9.23? They like that day.

Several towns in local states have been devastated by tornadoes. The weather manipulating wizards have actually tried twice to take out my area with tornadoes. So much so, that the local FEMA guy (whose office is literally right next door to mine) has put out detailed PowerPoint presentations on the coming destruction. But God has other ideas for this area and is actively protecting it.

I guess a bunch of my co-workers drove out to see the Northern Lights last weekend here in Kansas. The official story is, of course, all that crazy sunspot activity. Because it is not like HAARP can't produce these things. Who ever heard of the Aurora Borealis being seen this far south? The enemy is working overtime for their evil, and I'm sure the weather warfare will continue.

I can't say too much about my job other than it is the most toxic environment I've ever been in. My trainer and I were called into the Boss's office and in true “these aren't the droids you are looking for” fashion I was told that my trainer was not yelling at me and that, “it is my unresolved childhood trauma that is causing the problem and even though you believe that Yoga is a religion, you really need to try some deep breathing exercises.” Uh-huh.

The Lord showed me that I am in a snake pit and the people there are snakes. But Daniel did not avoid the lion's den. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego did not avoid the fiery furnace and Jeremiah did not avoid the pit. Not that I am comparing myself to those great believers, just that God showed me this is the situation. Also, at this point, I am not to look for another job. Literally not even go LOOK at what may be out there. God has plans for me where I am at. For now, at least, I am to continue to do my best and let God do the rest. I don't know what His plans are, I just need to continue to trust in Him.

Anyway, that is about it for now. Hope you all are well. Take care out there.

Thursday, May 9, 2024

New Computer!

Hello everybody! I had a lot of readers and commentors who wanted to help me get a new computer and I appreciate every one of them. Out of the blue on Monday my sister called me up and said her husband said to just buy me a computer. So I picked one out online and sent her the link. That was very generous of them! It's an ASUS TUF Gaming F15 computer with lots of disk space and memory so should be just the thing. It's built like a tank and even says Military Standard Durability on it. Not sure yet if that is a good or bad thing, but the computer runs great. I've spent most of yesterday and part of today downloading stuff. It would have been faster, but the internet has not been that great. I'm very happy with it so far.

Things have been much better at work. The Boss must be taking care of business behind the scenes and it has been nice. The Lord has my back in all things.

Hope you all are well. I'm still super busy and I work the next three days. I heard that a tornado actually touched down near our house, but we didn't see anything and have no damage. Thank the Lord!

Just a quick update. Take care out there.

Thursday, May 2, 2024


There's Hell. (Well...that's debatable.) There is the Seven Levels of Hell that Dante writes about. Then there is the Bitch from Hell otherwise known as my Trainer that I am locked in the basement with. She has apparently been setting me up from the beginning, giving me low marks on my daily training sheets and talking bad about me to the other co-workers. She yells at me if I make a mistake and refuses to answer any of my questions. It got so bad that it has now come to the attention of the Boss.

As I've said before, I love my Boss. Unfortunately (for both of us) she has been out of town on mandatory training and won't be back in the office until next Friday.

But, as usual, the Lord has my back and it is being nipped in the bud as we speak. I guess we will see how things play out.

Wish I had better news for you.

Take care out there.