Thursday, March 31, 2022

False Profits

I actually use to listen to this guy (Bo Polny) and thought that maybe he was on to something. Well, he may be on to something but that something is not the truth. You can google him if you are really interested. 

He makes a lot of predictions, then he finds something on that day that happened that he says fulfills the prediction. He said a while back that one of his “important time stamps” were fulfilled because Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. Of course, the day was when the official narrative said she died, not when she actually died almost a year earlier.

This guy talks about God's money being gold and silver (and maybe now bitcoin for the really naive out there). There is no such thing as God's money. It is apples and oranges. The adversary's economy is buying and selling, which Bo is a huge proponent of. God's economy is giving and receiving. The bible talks about how people will be throwing their gold and silver in the streets, for all the good it will be in the future. 

This picture was a link to his download. It's got the 33 and the new 666 (as in the QR Code that replaces the old bar code). Symbolism is their downfall, I guess.

Gotta go to work to earn that fake currency. Take care out there.   

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Gotta Love JP

Monday, March 28, 2022

It's Delicious!

As sick as my husband is, he still likes to mess with me. He told me that whatever I put in front of him for dinner, that he would eat it and say, “it's delicious” no matter what. Which makes me paranoid of course. Was it really delicious? Or are you just saying that?

My husband and I think about food in totally different ways. He is more a 'steak and potatoes' person, and I am more of a casserole person. Or, as they say in Minnesota, a hot dish. My attempts at cooking a steak leave much to be desired, and a casserole is an excellent way to use up the various veggies I have on hand. 

In my effort to finally get rid of this stupid little bag of baby carrots, I spent some time looking through recipes online. I found this recipe for ground beef wellington – that called for carrots among other things:

Poor Man's Beef Wellington

I did add some Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard and some paprika. I used thyme instead of rosemary since I had some fresh thyme. The recipe looked super easy but total time including prep was around 5 hours. Probably will not be making it again anytime soon because of that. No-one needs to spend that much time on a Sunday.

“It's delicious” my husband said. It actually was delicious, so I ignored the attempt to get a rise out of me. (All in fun). He thought it could use a little gravy and I thought maybe some ketchup. But all in all – yummy, with some leftovers for dinner tonight.

Gotta get ready for work. Take care out there.  

Saturday, March 26, 2022


This little tidbit was posted on Drudge yesterday. Let's just take a look shall we?

So this is trying to tell us that let's go brandon himself wandered over to the nearest costco to what? Buy some jerky and a box set of Beverly Cleary books? I'm not buying it. First of all, I highly doubt that guy has ever been in a real grocery store. There are people who are paid to do the shopping for them. Second of all, where's Jill? No way she wouldn't be there to supervise. Plus, that place is way too brightly lit to be a real costco. 

Then there is the stupid look on his face, like he is shocked at the prices. Riiight. Like he isn't somehow using the people's tax dollars to pay for everything.

The thought of that hair sniffer sitting in his basement reading “Ramona Quimby, Age 8” really, really grosses me out.


Take care out there, my friends.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Rumors of War - Part 4

Now this photo – on first glance seems like – aww – sad woman crying about the devastation. But take a closer look. First of all, this woman is wearing a fur coat and a fairly sizable ring. Unfortunately, I can't zoom in and see more detail on the ring, but I have my suspicions about it. 

The average price for a real fur coat is between $1000 - $5000 dollars each. Depending on the fur. Regardless, fur coats are very expensive, and usually not for everyday wear. So lets assume it may be faux fur. The average price of a fake fur coat is between $150 - $500 a piece. Still pretty expensive in my book. 

Notice there is still a yellow and blue theme in the background – although it is well hidden. 

This picture is carefully designed to mock those people who believe that whatever is going on over there is real. This is a wealthy elite woman, wearing an expensive fur coat. She is not crying (there are no tears), she is laughing her ass off. To top it off, she is making the sign for silence by covering her mouth. She knows the truth. She thinks it's funny that the culling of the herd is underway as we speak. 

Meanwhile, here at home, a can of soup costs almost 4 dollars. The fake president signed an executive order which opens the door for a US central bank digital currency. Once that is fully implemented and you can no longer have private transactions or use cash, you can kiss your monetary freedom good bye.

We are literally on the cusp of the full implementation of the mark of the beast system. Now is the time to get right with God and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Because when this thing goes live, They will be the only course of survival. The time to pray is now.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

On the Necessity of Ice Cream

A half-gallon of Breyer's Natural Vanilla ice cream currently costs $5.69 at the grocery store. The economy is tanking as we speak so it will probably get more expensive as time goes on. We go through about 1.5 gallons a week. That's $17.07 a week, approximately $68.28 a month, just for ice cream. 

We were talking about where we could cut costs yesterday, and ice cream came up. It is a luxury item and an expensive one at that. So, after discussing it at length, we concluded that we would not buy any more ice cream and save some money. Of course, my husband got very sad at the decision. 

Since we would be abstaining, we decided we should each have a bowl. As I was putting the carton back in the freezer, I felt the Lord saying, now is not the time to fast. 

My husband is getting worse every day and could literally go suddenly, or linger on for a couple more years, we just don't know. But, however long he has, he should have some ice cream on the way.

It is 8:20am in the morning as I write this. I heard my husband sigh heavily. I said, “Honey, can I get you anything?” He said, “maybe I should have some ice cream.” I laughed. I told him that I was literally writing a blog post about it right now. I will be starting work soon, so I am going to post this and then get my husband some ice cream. Now is the time to eat ice cream. While we still can I guess. Take care out there.


Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Send in the Clowns

You know it's a real war when they pull these two out of mothballs to push for it.

I remember personally watching a commercial with these two when the big earthquake hit Haiti. Send us your money, they said, we will make sure the Haitians are taken care of. Yeah, well, I believe the Haitians are still bitching about the fact that they never saw a dime of it.

Again, with the yellow and blue. Are people waking up yet to this farce? Let's hope so.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

The Bookstore

Although I've been (trying to) have Saturdays off, I still have to take care of the needs of my family. In this case, specifically, it was the dog. She was long overdue for a bath and getting her nails trimmed. I told her it was a salon day as I bundled her into the car.

The pet grooming place is located in downtown Abilene. I don't normally drive down this way and noticed a bookstore on the left. I got to the pet store and the guy said it would be about an hour and wanted my phone number to call me when the dog was finished. Wouldn't you know it, I forgot my phone. So, I told him I would come back in an hour and decided to walk over to the bookstore and check it out. 

I saw a sidewalk sign at the entrance of the bookstore, but its back was facing me. I thought about going around to read it, but then thought, I'll just read it on my way out. I thought to myself that I would buy some books and support a local business. 

I walked into the store and first thing I saw was a rack of cookbooks with bright colored covers. But on closer inspection, they were all cookbooks with the same theme. This one:

I didn't know they had such a variety of cookbooks for wizards. What kind of recipes would be in such a book, I wondered? I didn't feel like picking one up to find out and moved on to the next section. 

I went around the corner and saw a round table with a black tablecloth that had purple swirls and glitter on it. I almost didn't notice the old woman who was sitting behind the table, holding a tiny orange and white striped kitten in her arms.

“Oh! Hello.” I said to her, startled at her presence. “Hello” she answered back. I suddenly realized that it was not a kitten she was holding but some other strange animal that had gray, straggly hair. I couldn't see its face, but I stared at it, trying to figure out what it was. “What is that?” I asked her, “I thought it was a kitten.” She told me it was a poodle chihuahua mix. It was so small that I asked her if it was full grown. “It's about 4 months old” she said. “Oh” I said as I started to walk away. 

“I also do Tarot card readings if you are interested.” she called out after me. “Good to know.” I said and kept walking. 

The next section was filled with books on how to do spells and introduction to witchcraft! The books were all covered in occult symbolism and clearly designed to be attractive to young readers. I felt very sad just then. This is what has become of our world. They are targeting the children in a big way. Mind you, this was a regular bookstore, not some occult bookstore that sold crystals and stuff. I did feel some peace of mind that I was the only customer in the store. Maybe my fellow Kansan's had already decided not to shop there. I decided that I would not be buying anything either. 

As I walked out of the store to go back to the pet shop, I glanced at the sidewalk sign. “Tarot readings Today: 10:30am – 12pm” I almost laughed. Guess I should have read the sign in the first place. 

The rest of the downtown area is like a ghost town. There are a few businesses there, but mostly empty storefronts. I saw a sign for the resource center but when I rounded the corner it was all boarded up. I guess there is no resource center anymore. I felt relief when it was time to pick up the dog and head home. 

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Charlie Victor One Niner

While the fake battles roll on in a far-away country (but we have always been at war with Eurasia) the real agendas move forward on the general public here at home. Here are some recent headlines:

158,000 Adverse Events: FDA release shocking Pfizer data to the Public

Just In: Tucson, Arizona will require 2022 Election Workers to be Vaccinated

Health Canada approves Moderna's Covid-19 Vaccine in Children Ages 6 – 11

and (why are they still allowing this evil criminal to have headlines?) we have:

Fauci on new Covid subvariant: 'Be prepared to pivot' back to indoor masking

Did you know that the word subvariant doesn't even exist? It is totally made up. As is the complete narrative. Round and round they go, where they will stop? Nobody knows. 

That's all the news I can stomach for today. Stay tuned for next week's blog where we ask the question: Is space safe from the deltaomnicronbovineexcrement variant? (LOL) I guess we will see.

Friday, March 18, 2022

Rumors of War - Part 3

Here is another picture that proves conclusively that there is a real war going on. Where are all the people? Notice the subliminally painted room colors in the background. I wonder how they found debris buildings that are actually painted yellow and blue? Not to mention the extremely mediocre photoshop job on the guy's arm patch. I could have done a better job. Is there a real war going on? How would you know? Because the news told you? 

This image is credited as being taken by Sergey Bobak of Getty Images. I couldn't find any information about him online. I suspect he is a ghost, although he supposedly takes a lot of stock war photos. I guess it doesn't really matter. 

If you saw a movie based on our reality with its idiotic, over the top, in your face ridiculousness, you would walk right out of the theater. No one would believe it. Our evil overlords have gotten sloppy. They aren't even trying anymore. I think they assume we are all stupid, and based on how many people I know personally who have changed their avatars to Ukraine flags, they may be right. 

Ironically, gas in my area went down by 10 cents and water is again 2 for 6 bucks a case. I think that some people are waking up to the lies and propaganda. 

Wednesday morning it was warm and sunny. Totally blue skies. By afternoon the sky was crisscrossed with chemtrails. I told my husband that a storm was coming. Sure enough, Thursday evening was thick black clouds and thunder and lightning. So the actual war, the war on us, is still going strong. But, I believe that the Lord, with His mighty hand, is exposing Babylon as we speak. And we know how that works out. 

Take care out there. 

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Rumors of War - Part 2

This picture was on the front of yesterday with many links to all the war stories. Take a very good look. This is not a picture of war, but a carefully designed photo as part of the worldwide psy-op. I mean, who you gonna shoot, bro? There is NOBODY there! Not for miles in front of this guy. I wonder how long he plans on laying there? It reminds me of all the news stories on how the hospitals were filled with sick people and they would show you empty cots in gymnasiums. If they did happen to show you a real hospital bed, it was filled with a mannequin or a (I'm sure well paid) crisis actor. 

Remember that the kings of the earth did not gather together (Gog and Magog) to fight each other. The war is on – but it is against God and God's people. It's against us.

Yesterday, I decided to check some twitter accounts that I go to sometimes. I could read a couple tweets but then if I wanted to read more, I would have to sign in. That's new. I never had to sign in before to read people's tweets. It was the same on several twitter accounts. They would just love to have my info and who I'm following. Well, I don't care if I ever read another tweet again. It will get worse I'm sure. You will not be able to anonymously browse the internet in the foreseeable future. That is just the least of what they are planning to do. It's almost stupid to bring it up. 

Gas here is now $3.89 a gallon, which isn't as bad as other areas of the country. It's $5.87 for a 24 case of water at the store. So far the prices haven't risen too bad and the shelves are still stocked. For now.

Keep praying and trust the Lord. He will fight for us.


Tuesday, March 8, 2022

War Chronicles VI

Here are the latest podcasts from Christine Beadsworth:

War Chronicles VI

I am also including an older podcast that she mentioned:

Moved and Marshalled

Monday, March 7, 2022

Surprise Snow

It was a great weekend. I took Saturday off again and then hit the ground running on Sunday. I stopped to top off on gas. The sign said $3.54 a gallon but when I got home, I found out that they charged me $3.93 a gallon since I used my card. Thieves.

I went to the store and so did everyone else. I figured the dollar will never be as valuable again. A case of water was 2 for $5 when we first got here. Then it was $2.87 a case and now it is 2 for $6. I bought 3 cases.

I took two trips with my basket full of dirty clothes to the laundry room. Someone had all the washers and dryers full and still hadn't come and gotten them several hours later. I guess I'm not washing clothes today, I thought.

I was sitting on the couch, facing the window, when it started to snow. It looks like it dumped about 5 inches before it stopped. I had no idea it was going to snow. But we were cozy in our nice warm house and I had corned beef cooking on the stove top. We have a stocked fridge and I felt safe. 

Time for work. Take care out there. 

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Weekend Listening

Here is the latest podcast from Christine Beadsworth:

Keeping in Step and Following the Cloud

War Chronicles V

Stay safe out there!

Friday, March 4, 2022

Rumors of War

I had dreams all night last night about writing blog posts about the so-called “war” going on. Take a look at the picture above, specifically look at the guns. See anything wrong? Yeah, that is what I'm talking about. What is really going on over there? Who knows. One thing you can know is that the main street media are a pack of liars and nothing they say can be trusted as truth. Remember that the war is actually on “us”. The regular people worldwide. The ultimate psychological war. 

All the “masks are required” signs are gone from the front door of the Post Office. Not that anyone was obeying them anyway here in Kansas. The people weren't buying the covid crap anymore and were starting to get uppity in the form of trucking convoys. It may have started as a psy-op but regular people came out in such droves of support that the elites had to show their hand by letting them know that they can shut down their bank accounts, cut off their insurance, take their donations etc. 

I play an on-line game as a form of social life. One of my best friends in the game changed her avatar name to PrayforUkraine. Whatever. She is locked in the Matrix and can't get out. The games owner made an announcement that, “It doesnt have anything to do with us, but some credit card companies will not be allowing people to buy game packs using rubles.” 

People are boycotting vodka. I'm all about boycotting, but vodka? Who is that really going to affect? 

They are using the fake war to explain away the rising gas prices (it is now $3.45 a gallon here) the growing scarcity of certain things at the store, etc. Now we can “blame Russia!” Give me a break. Don't believe anything you hear and less of what you see. Take your money out of the bank – as much as you can. Fill your gas tank and stock up on food and water. While you have been watching what is going on in Ukraine, you are missing what is going on here at home. They are still pushing the shots and they are still implementing the passport. Soon, you wont be able to leave your state without it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

WTF are NFT's?

This is the latest scam to part the money from the fools out there. 

Technically – NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. LOL does that explain it for you? Let's break it down. Non – NOT, Fungible – INTERCHANGEBLE, Tokens – FAKE MONEY.

So, unlike Bitcoin or other crypto currencies, NFT's are not interchangeable. That is because there are all different NFT's. And because “they” say so, NFT's are considered one of a kind and unique. For example, apparently the very first tweet from that douche bag Jack Dorsey is an NFT. Technically, a piece of art. Here it is:

This tweet was sold for 2.9 million dollars. (coded nine-eleven anyone?) Supposedly the CEO of some Malaysian blockchain company named Sina Estavi bought it, who compared buying this one stupid tweet to buying a Mona Lisa painting. (which is possibly the first painting of a tranny, but that would take to long to write about). So Sina is now the owner of the first tweet. (yet somehow it made it's way to my humble little blog.) 

Here is a good resource of info on the subject: – a lot of symbolism on that website. 

What prompted me to look into the subject was this article:

Parlor launches Marketplace featuring Trump NFTs!

I guess Melania has already done the same thing. According to Forbes – Trump NFT's sell for $2750 each! Imagine paying that kind of money for what is essentially a meme. That is more than I make in a month. Yeah, I don't think so. 

I would suggest not buying any NFT's and maybe use your money for, oh I don't know – water, food, gas etc. Shelling out big bucks for memes is not going to do you any good when they shut down the internet. Just saying.