Saturday, April 20, 2024

Did I Miss the Big War?

While I was having an actual life and working, I did see the above picture on Drudge recently with the oh so familiar red letter headlines about that mean old terrorist country Iran raining holy hell down on the completely innocent and perpetually victimized state of Israel.

Which in no way whatsoever could be faked because who doesn't love a good fireworks display? I notice that except for a couple tiny headlines still left on Drudge, the story has basically disappeared. First, it was replaced by stories of Trump's fake, made for streaming trial, but no one seems to care about that either.

To prove the not-fakeness of it all, The Wall Street Journal (last bastion of truth in this reality. Honest!) posted this picture (below) with the caption, Israeli soldiers display an Iranian ballistic missile that fell in Israel during last weekend’s attack. PHOTO: (((GIL COHEN-MAGEN)))/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES”

Now, did that missile just fall like that all horizontal like behind that gate, or was it trucked in? I like the fact that Iran's name is clearly marked on the missile proving without a doubt that it is theirs.

As I've said before, all the kings of the earth are colluding together against God and His people (us). Here is Iran's vaccination rate on their own people and here is Israel's. If they were in agreement then, I'm sure they were in agreement with this recent tit-for-tat scenario. All the world's a stage my friend. Why have real wars when you can have carefully scripted choreographed ones? Not that they don't send real human soldiers out there to kill each other. That's just a bonus.

According to the narrative, everyone is now super scared about World War Three. I'm not. If there is a “WW3” it will be fake. Guaranteed.

Take care out there.

Friday, April 19, 2024

Little Lucy

I don't know if you heard, but Jeff Berwick's little chihuahua Lucy passed away recently. It actually kind of hit me harder than I thought. Poor little thing. She will be missed. 

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Short Staffed

Our department was already short staffed the day I was hired. There are three of us in training. One old lady (me), and a couple of Millennials. I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone who reads this blog about Millennials and their work ethic. But it is what it is.

Now, on top of that, we are down one employee who is sick (we don’t know when she will be able to return) and another girl who just gave her two week notice and will only be here through the end of April. Ouch.

The boss has increased my hours in the hopes that I can get trained faster. I’m helping by agreeing to the extra hours and praying that I can absorb the information. I need to be good at this job. So far, I’m progressing well and every day new responsibilities are being added. I like the way they are training. Get a grasp on one area and then slowly add on the next layer and the next. 

Next week I am scheduled 60 hours. It sounds worse than it is. The overtime will be sweet and will help us get caught up financially. I’ll try to keep you posted if I get a chance.

Hope everyone is doing well. Take care out there.

Sorry for the weird format. I wrote it from work and sent to myself in an email.  I can't seem to fix it. 

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Chicken Contemplations

I don't really want to whine about my life. Ok, maybe just a little. I've been trying to decide if I will continue with this blog because I'm so busy and tired that I'm just not sure I have it in me anymore.

As I've stated to several friends on the phone lately, I'm no spring chicken. I'm not even a summer one. Just an old lady working 12 hour shifts, trying to memorize volumes of information and being a full time caregiver for my husband. He had a couple really bad days last week where he stopped eating and thought he was going to die. But he started feeling better and is eating again. Now he thinks he may be immortal.

I have no time to get anything done. When I do have time, I have no energy. If I do have some energy for a blog post, my computer keeps crashing and it is so frustrating.

Cederq almost earned himself a demerit for his Debbie Downer comment on my Eclipse post. I prefer the term Debbie Realist thank you very much.

Which reminds me. I'm sick and tired of watching the enemy destroy this country in every single category. I'm sick of their numerology and their astrology and their symbols and their despicable ways. I'm sick of being poisoned. Of watching them use their technology to kill off livestock, fish and wildlife in their efforts to starve us out. What food they do allow us is filled with chemicals and genetically modified. As much as it costs to buy groceries these days, we have to pay extra if we want something to eat that hasn't been messed with. I sometimes feel like this guy.

I use to think that I wanted to know what the enemy was up to, so that I wasn't blindsided. I don't care anymore what the enemy is doing. They can kiss my ass. I want to concentrate on what my Heavenly Father is doing these days. And He is doing amazing stuff if we all just stop worrying for a moment to recognize it.

Last week we had a really hot day. Hot enough that my husband wanted me to turn on the air conditioner. So I turned it on. Nothing. No air came out. It was just dead. I turned it off and on a couple times and it just wasn't coming on. I told my husband that we have no money to get it fixed. Summer is on it's way and the heat killed our dog last year, so we can't be without an air conditioner.

I sat down and went through various scenarios in my head for possible solutions but there wasn't any. Finally, I said a little prayer. Lord, you have never failed us. We have no money to get the air conditioner fixed and we need it. Can you please just fix it? Then I went on to do other things.

10 minutes later, the air conditioner came on and has been running great ever since. Amazing. I actually almost cried I was so thankful that once again, the Lord was looking out for us. He is doing big things too, but we are not going to see those headlines in red letters on Drudge. But know this, the Lord is aware of the war that we are in and He will not let us fall.

Back to the idea of whether I will continue the blog. I think I will. The small hold guy got laid off from his job and then just stopped writing. He hasn't posted since the end of February, and we all worry about what happened to him. I won't do that to you guys.

Amazing Polly came out to announce that she is taking an extended vacation, which makes me really sad. She is a phenomenal researcher, but she is having health issues. Plus the enemy forces went after her pretty brutally, doxing her and her husband, that she needed to take a break. I completely understand, but I will miss her. (when I went to link to her bitchute channel, she has a new video up. Nice. She's back sooner than I thought. Good for her!) I don't want to go that route just yet either.

So I guess you guys are stuck with me for the time being. Good, bad or indifferent. I may go a week or so without posting, but I will try to get at least one post out on my days off. If my computer completely dies before I am able to replace it, I will let Cederq know and he can post something on bustednuckles.

Continue to pray and stock up, the war is not over yet, but the truth is starting to trickle out. The Lord has His ears open to our prayers. Pray for your neighborhoods and your counties and actively pray against the enemy's plans. Watch and see the ways the Lord is working in your lives if you trust in Him.

Hope you all are doing well. Take care out there.

Monday, April 8, 2024

Eclipse Day

I'm glad this day has finally arrived so everyone can stop talking about it already. Oh, I've listened to all the podcasts and read a bunch of articles. I have literally never seen so much noise coming out of the internet in my entire life. But, the enemy did manage to make most of the people out there terrified of the common cold and the weather, might as well add eclipses (something that occurs regularly and has for thousands of years.)

We have several places that have declared “states of emergencies”, the National Guard is being called out, CERN is starting up again, and NASA is going to fire some rockets, just for fun. There are rumors that poison will be sprayed over the onlookers. Um...hello! They are already doing that to all of us on a daily basis, but this time it's gonna be extra special I guess.

But what about all the significance of the date? Not to mention all the coded language and symbolism? I mean, seven Ninevahs? Wow, why would you even name a town Ninevah? My answer is, what about it? These people put coded language into everything, including meaningless stories about dog rescues. This is nothing new.

My favorite, of course, is the idea that they will open the bottomless pit and let all that is imprisoned there loose. How do you know they haven't opened it already? If I recall, an army of men with women's hair is supposed to come out. Seems like we already have that. Just look at Hollywood or your local library's drag queen story hour.

I may be totally wrong, or I just have a really bad case of not giving a shit, but except for the actual eclipse, I don't believe anything significant is going to happen today. But, who knows. Stranger things have happened.

Take care out there.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Sunday Music

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