Sunday, March 31, 2024

Sunday Music

Hollow Coves. Lucky Sidebar find:

Monday, March 25, 2024

Chugging Along

Took a little time on Saturday to rest and recharge. Just as I'm starting to get use to this schedule, it changes next week. But, I have a four day weekend coming up so that should help me have some extra time to get ahead of the game. Posting will still be light this week.

Here are some of the links I've collected lately:

The Ventriloquists

Congress Moves to Steal TikTok, Sell It to the Jews

The Planned Demolition Of Boeing

Inception attacks' on Meta VR headsets can trap users in a fake VR environment, researchers found

Project MK-Ultra in the American Classroom

Hope you all had a great weekend! Take care out there.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Sunday Music

Triumph. Hat Tip to the Feral Irishman who posted the lyrics of Just a Game (2nd one down).

Thursday, March 21, 2024

My Old Friend, the Poet

Years and years ago, living and working in California at a very elite Art and Music school, I had an opportunity to meet Cecilia Woloch. She is a professional and gifted poet, a self-identified Gypsy, and an amazing person with a huge heart. She always treated me with respect and warmth. We actually had a chance to go out to dinner once and it was a special memory I have of those days.

I still get the email newsletters she puts out from time to time, and I wanted to post a part of it. It is an interesting view of our current world through her eyes, which is much different than how I see it: 

Why Write Love Poetry in a Burning World?

To train myself to find, in the midst of hell
what isn't hell.

The body, bald, cancerous, but still
beautiful enough to
imagine living the body
washing the body
replacing a loose front
porch step the body chewing

what it takes to keep a body

This scene has a tune
a language I can read a door
I cannot close I stand
within its wedge
a shield.

Why write love poetry in a burning world?
To train myself, in the midst of a burning world
to offer poems of love to a burning world.

Katie Farris

There isn’t any way to look away. Neither from the images of Gaza nor from the images of Ukraine. Neither from the chaos in Haiti nor from the chaos at the southern border of the U.S. Neither from the murder of Aleksei Navalny in a Russian prison camp nor from the beautiful, bloodshot eyes of his widow. Nor from the homeless encampment in the median at the end of my block. From the suffering everywhere.

We can’t look away, nor should we. But we can also look, as Katie Farris reminds us, “to find, in the midst of hell,/ what isn’t hell.”

What isn’t hell is all around us, too. We can train ourselves to find it, with the kind of attention a poet pays to the world, without whitewashing or sentimentalizing. We can even make it mean. The antidote to despair is meaning. Meaning is something we’re capable of

making, each of us, in our way, in our lives. As is beauty. I return often to a line from Jorie Graham’s Overlord: “Try to make of the grief a kind of beauty that might endure.”

Aleksei Navalny urged all of us to do something, even something small, as an act of resistance to tyranny – and to despair, I would add. Your despair helps no one; but your compassion might, and your courage — and courage comes from the heart, literally, from the Latin cor, meaning heart. So take heart.

Reclaim your right to joy, in the midst of a burning world, your strength in the face of pain and grief, and the power of your imagination. Reclaim your attention from the small screen in your hand and look up at the sky. Take a walk in your neighborhood with your eyes and your ears open, listen to the birds, befriend a neighbor. Turn your attention to what’s immediately around you — the other human beings, the natural world, the cityscape, local politics. Vote with the collective good in mind. Refuse to think of yourself as powerless. Commit an act of kindness. Do what you can, on a personal level, to repair the tears in the social fabric.

Create, in the face of destruction. Write a poem, dance, make art, make a new friend in real life. Go to a live performance — a play, a concert, a reading, an exhibition. Look for what’s flourishing, and for ways to flourish.

“Why write love poetry in a burning world? Katie Farris asks. To train ourselves, “in the midst of a burning world/ to offer poems of love to a burning world.”

There are bright spots, too, when you look for them. Last week, walking through downtown Los Angeles, I saw the unfinished skyscrapers, abandoned by their developers, that are now covered with bright graffiti – the work of artists and taggers from all over the city and the country. It looked beautiful to me, and powerful, and it lifted my spirits sky-high. Everyone I’ve spoken to thinks the graffiti should remain, at least until the buildings can be put to good use – maybe as affordable housing for Angelenos.”

Her website is located here.

Take care out there!

Monday, March 18, 2024

What's Slightly Wrinkled with Big Eyes?

You might think it is my sense of humor, but no. What is or rather was slightly wrinkled with big eyes were the last three russet potatoes I had sitting on the counter. I hard boiled the last of the eggs, cooked up those potatoes, used the last two baby dill pickles (and a couple more baby sweets) and made the best potato salad I think I've ever made. I personally don't like potato salad but this turned out so yummy that I had some myself and the rest will be for my husband's lunches this week.

I have been insanely busy. I'm working 9 hours shifts for the next couple weeks then in April, I switch to 12 hour shifts but I will have more days off so I should be able to start posting more at that time. Thanks for bearing with me. Hope you all are doing well. Keep prepping and praying!

Take care out there.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Sunday Music

Willie Nelson - per request from Cederq:

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

New Job and Fishing Memories

The new job is going well. Training has consisted mainly of memorizing various codes. It's not Whiskey Tango Foxtrot but William Tom Frank. I'm picking things up fast and believe when I'm done with training (6 months from now) I'm really going to like this job.

The health insurance for my husband and I was almost 500 dollars a month. Ouch! Again, I say Ouch. I had decided to turn it down, but my husband said to go ahead and get it just for me, which is only 85 bucks a month. The rest of the benefits are pretty good and the retirement plan is sweet.

My husband is handling my absence during the day as well as can be expected. While going through his tools and stuff, I found our old fishing cooler. I cleaned it up and have been using it to pack him a very nice lunch and several sodas to hold him over until I get home.

Finding that cooler brought back fond memories of better days. We used to have a secret spot on Hagg Lake in Oregon where we would go fishing. We would bring snacks and beers in the little cooler and spend a couple hours there. We never really caught anything big enough to keep, it was mainly a good excuse to drink beer at 7am in the morning. We always had such fun, and we tried to go at least once a week.

One day we showed up to fish as we usually did and there was a strange shrine – a table with flowers and candles – sitting in our spot. We had heard that a whole family had drowned at Hagg Lake, but we didn't know it was right at our secret fishing place. Needless to say, we didn't fish that day. We tried to find a new spot at a different lake, but it just wasn't the same. We kind of stopped fishing altogether after that. I miss those days. Those were good times.

That is all for now because my crappy computer keeps crashing while I'm trying to write this. I will post again soon, just not sure when.

Hope you all are well! Take care out there.  

Monday, March 11, 2024

New Direction

I start my new job today. Blogging will be light this week as I figure out my schedule and time etc. Have a great day! Take care out there. 

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Friday, March 8, 2024

State of the Union

Drudge is such a joke these days.

Of course, I didn't waste my precious time actually watching the State of the Union address. There was no way they would bother to tell us the truth about what a mess the country is in. I'd rather spend my time scrubbing out the toilet bowl, a job that I hate.

I did, however, watch Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones discussing it. Two extremely reliable CIA agents sources. Don't bother going to the link. They didn't say anything important either. It's unbelievable how much Alex Jones can talk and literally not say a single thing.

Here are some good links from around the net this week:

Nimrata Drops Out of Race (Who the Hell Even Knows What’s Going on withThis Election? I Sure Don’t)

PHACILITATE with Dark Horse Consulting

Is Investing in Gold a PSYOP? Are Precious Metals Actually a BAD Investment? Is Silver a Scam?

The Daylight Savings Time PsyOp, Spring Edition

Anti-White AI Is No Laughing Matter

Prepper Communities

Civil War 2.0 Weather Report: It’s All Planned

The Five FUBARs

Have a great weekend! See you on Sunday.

Thursday, March 7, 2024

So Long Nimarata

Nikki Haley is officially out. I'm pretty sure I called it but can't find the post. I'm sure she will still pop up somewhere else to annoy us. Maybe she will be in charge of getting us to eat bugs or be the spokesperson for extreme internet censorship. Who knows, but I did get a little thrill when she finally admitted that there was no way she was ever going to be the Republican nominee, let alone President.

As a little frosting on the cake, Victoria Nuland suddenly resigned. Seems a lot of old evil chess pieces are being removed lately. Wonder what is going on behind the scenes. Hhmmm.

Take care out there.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024


Here is the latest video from Truthstream Media discussing some of the stuff going on in our current reality:

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Workin' for a Livin'

It's official. I got a job! I start Monday. It's the graveyard job, but I'll be training days for a while before I move to nights. I want to thank everyone for all their prayers and donations. I especially want to thank the Lord for meeting all our needs through five months of no regular income.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. It's totally ironic, but technically, I'm going to be working for the government. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


I can't say too much more about it than that, cuz then I'd have to kill you – you know the drill. Lol! I'm excited to finally be working again.

God Bless you all! Take care out there!

Monday, March 4, 2024

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are well. I had a very busy week. Only got about half way through organizing and going through my husband's tools. He had a lot more than I thought he did. Rearranged my kitchen and cleaned all my kitchen drawers. When I lifted out my silverware organizer, there was about a thousand little blue rubber bands. I don't know how they got under there but they are all gone now.

I also had several really good job interviews and even jumped through some preliminary hoops. The graveyard shift job reappeared after a month (I guess the manager was out sick the whole time.) So I am still waiting to hear something definitively.

I collected many links to share, too many to wait until Friday so here they are:

Firefighters CAUGHT SCRUBBING SmartMeter FIRE Articles! ?This is SCANDALOUS!

Experts Agree: Let Them Eat Dinner Flakes!

Red Cross Wants Your Help With Their Cell & Gene Therapy Solutions

Political Conflict in the Age of Psychic Warfare

Chile DEWS or "SMART" WILDFIRES? Offering Citizens $10,000 to Get a SMART METER?

The Gemini Killer

Amarillo, TX Slated for SMART CITY Status

Texas "Wildfires" -- Here we Go Again!

Some People Like This, and Always Will

Spring Arrives in Texas + The Panhandle Fires & BIOCIDAL DEATH CULT of the Universal Goddess

The Sin Of AI Is Access

Take care out there.

Sunday, March 3, 2024