Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Altering Reality

photo source Here

You need to watch the following video. It starts out slow and you may be tempted to think you are not interested in what this guy is saying - but believe me - watch the whole thing, before reading the rest of this blog post.

Do you remember it being Berenstein? I know I do. Next watch this video to see exactly when reality was altered:

You will have to do more research on the Berenstein/Berenstain phenomenon yourself (sorry I don't have time to go back through my research and find links) - and there is a lot of information on this subject - and you can look into the Mandela effect and there are lots of theories on what has happened. Apparently, there are those people who on hearing this went into their attics and found their Berenstein bears books - but they all had Berenstain on them.

Yesterday on one of the blogs talking about this phenomenon I found this picture:

But his morning on simpsonswiki I found this picture:

I'm not tech savvy enough to verify if either of these pictures has been doctored. I just have to go on face value.

Some of the theories are:

We all just misremember how the name was spelled.

Time travel is possible and someone went back in time and changed it.

There are multiple parallel universes (and I do love this idea so much) and somehow a bunch of us from Universe E (the BerenstEin universe) ended up here in Universe A (BerenstAin).

But I have my own theory. Satan now has the ability to alter reality in a way that was not possible before. It is not just the berenstein bear either. I remember that it was "Sex IN the city" and now it's "Sex AND the city". It was "Interview with A vampire" and now it's "Interview with THE vampire". So WHY would Satan bother with these little insignificant changes to reality? They are beta tests in preparation for the BIG deception that he will pull on the WHOLE WORLD. When he does do the big deception - you will be unable to prove that it was ever different because reality will have been changed. As in "we are at war with Eastasia and we have ALWAYS been at war with Eastasia". I think I know HOW Satan is doing it.

When I first heard about this (YESTERDAY!) and started looking into the theories surrounding it - theories based on the false physics of the world that has already been a deception for centuries - I had to look at the underlying spiritual possibilities. It reminded me of an episode of Buffy the Vampire slayer I had watched. It was Buffy the Vampire - Season 5 - "There's no place like home". The video of that episode is below. The important parts of the show start with the opening sequence with the monks. Then if you do not want to watch the whole video you can fast forward to the 17:45 mark and watch through around the 26:00 mark (or more the ending of the episode clarifies some things about what was going on).

In the episode, reality had already been altered. Buffy went into a trance to be able to see what had been altered. Unfortunately for us - we don't have that option to be able to see what has been done to alter our reality. We have to rely on God unveiling the works of darkness for us. Because this stuff is just the beginning. The deceptions and altering of our reality will continue to get worse and worse. Now is the time to press into the Father and pray for discernment - because the Big Deception that is coming our way will be so huge and so very real that if it were possible, would deceive the very elect. Keep your eyes and ears open, but understand that your memories may actually tell you more of the truth than your senses will.

Take care out there my friends.