Monday, January 31, 2022

Sunday, January 30, 2022

My Buddy Steve - Part 3

So to get away from all my computer screens – I have 4 – 3 for work and 1 personal – I decided to really take the day off and watch a movie with my husband. We were about half way through when my husband's cell phone rang. He answered and said hello. A minute later he said, “Oh! Hey Steve!”

I have not heard my husband laugh so hard in a long time. I sat back and listened with a smile on my face. 

Steve had received the letter and check that my husband had sent. But Steve no longer lived at that address. He had sold that house to a friend and the friend got the letter and gave it to Steve. (Wow!)

Steve said that he was keeping the check – but that he was never going to cash it. He was very happy to hear from my husband and said that he was one of the best friends he had ever had. He told my husband that he didn't want the money but that, “this should square things for you with God.”

I was practically crying I was so happy. “That worked out well,” I told my husband. “Wow that is such a God thing. Aren't you glad that this happened?”

“Yes,” my husband answered with a big grin.

We may not have heard the last of Steve. He is thinking about coming out to Kansas for a visit. He told my husband, “Let's keep in touch.” God is so awesome. That is something that has been bothering my husband for years, and now it is all washed away. Thank you God!


Friday, January 28, 2022

Spam Likely

I had to get a new phone since they will stop service on my 3G phone (that I literally had 5 years of service built up on) in February. It may have been the last 4G phone available in the world. But I like the fact that when the phone rings it pops up with a message, “Spam Likely” on it. So far it has been correct in those predictions.

There is a bowling alley on Buckeye Avenue called Tornado Alley. The sign used to advertise the Friday night Cornhole competitions. Now one side of the sign says closed and the other side of the sign says not open. I tried to find an explanation online as to why, but couldn't find anything. Just closed I guess. Maybe due to the fact that no one is bowling these days or the fact that no one wants to work at the bowling alley. I guess I will never know.  

I'm glad I bought gas a couple days ago because it went from $3.04 a gallon to $3.12 a gallon. That is the highest price I have seen since coming to Kansas. Probably wont be the highest before I leave (if that happens). 

Thank God it is Friday. Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome

Read on a doctor's note recently, “patient got covid-19 at work on 12.8.21. Reports post viral fatigue syndrome with dizziness and congestion. Patient is fully vaccinated Moderna, 3 doses, last vaccine was administered 12.6.21”

Hhmmmmm. I don't see any possible connections there. Do you?

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Testing Positive

First of all, literally – if you don't take the stupid test – it is impossible to test positive. I have maintained from the very beginning of this horrible psy-op on the world, not to take the test. 

Of course, people did it anyway. When I worked at my last job – I took all the calls of employees who couldn't come to work because they were sick. I watched it happen over and over. They would have a random “symptom” - so they went out and got the test. At first it was negative – but a month or two later it would be positive. Want to know why? Because the tests are giving it to people. 

But now that you have tested positive, you have opened the door for “contact tracing”. Now some busybody from the health department will call you and ask you about every single person you have come in contact with in the last couple weeks. Then they will call all those people and tell them to isolate themselves and get their own tests. And so on and so on. As long as people will line up in the rain to get their stupid tests, this will never end.

What is worse – is those that don't have any symptoms and go get a test. Why would you do that? Asymptomatic spread is a LIE! They are lying about this whole thing. It use to be – you got a cold – you would have a little cough, sneeze, blow your nose and then it would be gone in a couple days. If you had the flu, you would have a fever, feel like absolute crap, lay on the couch and moan for a week and then it would be done. But real colds and flu's have disappeared – or have they? Now they just call it something scary and people lose all reason and become hysterical. 

So my advice to you is:

1.) Absolutely don't get anymore tests

2.) Whatever you do, don't get the shot

3.) Please DO NOT download the tracing app onto your phone. Because that is really dumb.

And lastly – for your viewing pleasure – a little piece of propaganda from the CDC. Then maybe spend some time looking into history from WWII. Because it is HERE.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

A Time to Rend and a Time to Sew

About a week or so ago, I was driving through town to check the mail like I usually do. I just happened to look over to the right and noticed a little quilt shop across the street from the post office. I said to myself, “wow! A quilt shop! I need to stop in there.” Then I laughed and said, “Yeah, what are you going to do? Buy some fabric?” (I literally talk to myself like that when I'm driving.)

The reason I thought it was funny, is I have a bin full of fabric and sewing supplies from my quilting days. It is in the storage area of our RV, having survived all the purges of stuff that I go through periodically.  

I was in a hurry at the time, so I didn't stop. The next time I drove into town was after work. I am working a new shift (which I hate by the way) where I don't get off work until 6pm. It was dark and a train was going by which had backed up what little traffic there is. I was waiting for the train right in front of the little quilt shop. I started to think the Lord was trying to tell me something. 

Maybe it's time to finish the wedding quilt.

I started the quilt pictured above years ago before I was married but had been calling it the wedding quilt since. I was going to work on it when my husband and I first got married, but just never had the time. I really feel like now is the time finish it. So, I pulled out my bin of quilting stuff and took inventory. I have plenty of needles. A lot of my safety pins were rusty, so I threw them out. 

My quilt top, the stuff that goes inside the quilt and the fabric I had picked out for the back were all in good condition. I laid it out on the bed and the backing is not big enough. I will have to cut the backing up into squares and make it larger by using other pieces of fabric from my bin. I will need to work it out on paper first. I know what direction I'm going to go. 

I did stop by the quilt shop this morning, but they are closed on Sundays. I will try again next Saturday, just to take a look around. Plus, everyone can use a new fat quarter here and there!

P.S. I knew that I had once posted this picture on my blog and wanted to find it, so I didn't have to take a new picture. I found it in August 2012! Almost ten years ago. Yeah, it's time I finished it.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Kale has ALWAYS been a Psy-Op

If you look at the image above – that is kale. Yuk. It doesn't even LOOK appetizing – and if you've ever eaten it – well, I just feel sorry for you.

I was trying to decide what - of the myriad of psy-ops going on in the world and in the media – I should write about. It's just too many topics and even if I told you about all of them – it wouldn't matter in the long run. Literally, what is NOT a psy-op these days?

But I have been maintaining for YEARS – that kale is a psy-op. I have been on the diet roller-coaster and I am convinced – that a group of people out there – possibly kale farmers – got together and decided that they could persuade a bunch of fat people to eat it, if they told them how good it is for you while you are dieting. 

They have been pushing kale on the unwashed masses for an entire decade now. All I'm saying, when it comes to kale, walk away! Actually run!

This guy gets it:

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

My Buddy Steve - part 2

My husband has an assignment from the Lord to pay back his buddy Steve the 500 dollars he borrowed from him years ago. My husband hasn't said much about it, but I am thinking this was a harder assignment for him than he is letting on. 

He called and left a message at the phone number he found online. "The Lord told me to pay you back this $500 so call me back." (not the wording I would have used - but this is my husband's assignment not mine.) No one called him back, which I think stressed him out - cuz he was kind of grumpy for a day or two. 

So yesterday, while I was working, he wrote a letter and a check. He read the letter to me. I can't remember all of it but part of it was, "God told me he isn't going to talk to me until I handle this situation." 

"Did God really say that?" I asked him. "Basically." my husband responded. "Wow." was all I could say.

After work I drove into town to mail his letter. I made sure it went right in the stamped mail slot. Good, I thought, that's done. Assignment complete.  

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Sifting of the Remnant

Christine Beadsworth has had 3 new podcasts in the last couple days. Here are the links:

Making Fine Flour

The Sifting of the Remnant Continues

Separating Out the Sons of Oil

Take care everyone!

My Buddy Steve

My husband and I have been married for almost 8 years. Many times, during our marriage he would tell me about times in his past. The stories almost always started out with, “My buddy Steve...”

Last night the Lord woke me up to turn on the water. I didn't really want to get up just then and thought that maybe the water was already on. It is way below freezing outside. But I obeyed, and sure enough, the water was off. I turned the bathroom and kitchen faucets on a trickle so the pipes don't freeze. Thank you Lord!

My husband was awake and said something to me in the dark. I turned on the light and sat next to him. He started talking and I didn't understand what he was saying at first. I told him to start over and tell me again. 

“I was praying last night,” he explained, “and usually if I hear from the Lord it is really quiet, but this time it was LOUD.”

“What did the Lord say?” I asked.

“He told me to find my buddy Steve and pay him back the five hundred dollars I owe him.” My husband was actually kind of shaken up by the revelation. 

We talked about it for a little while and I said, “Well, if the Lord is telling you to find him and pay him back then that is what you need to do.” My husband agreed. I turned off the light and we both went back to bed.

When I got up this morning, my husband was already awake. He was sitting in his chair looking up his buddy Steve online.

“Your first assignment from the Lord. It's exciting!” I told my husband with a grin. “Yeah.” he said. I think he was excited too. He may have found him, but so far has not been able to find a phone number. It is way too early to call at this point. He will just have to keep looking. I'll keep you posted on what happens next. 

Saturday, January 15, 2022

The Spirit of Death

The spirit of Death came to our house yesterday.

First thing in the morning my husband had a high fever and could not get out of bed. He couldn't sit up and could not even roll over without my help. I emptied a disinfectant wipes container and brought it to him as a urinal.

I went through all the scenarios of what I would do if he died. Every one of them sucked royally.

I put a cold washcloth on his head to try to bring his fever down. He said that it gave him a headache. We both thought that this was it. I laid down with him for a while and put my arm around him. I cried on his shoulder.

He hadn't eaten all day, but in the evening he was hungry so I made him some food. He took about 3 bites and said he couldn't eat anymore. I asked him if he needed anything before I went to bed. He had me tuck him in.

I went to bed and prayed. I told the Lord that we really couldn't go on like this for weeks and months. My husband was suffering. I really wanted him to be healed, but feared the worst.

During the night the wind blew hard and shook the RV. This went on for hours. It was cold and snow was flying around outside the window. I really felt like a huge spiritual battle was going on outside. A battle for my husband. Then suddenly it was quiet. The battle was over. I did not know which way it went.

I got up in the middle of the night and checked on him. He was still breathing. I went back to sleep.

The spirit of Death was gone. This morning, my husband felt better and was able to sit in his chair. He was able to walk to the bathroom and back again. What a relief. 

Thank God, the battle was in our favor. The Lord prevented the spirit of Death from taking my husband. The Lord still has plans for him. The Lord also showed me, that I need to be more ready to fight for my husband, and not be resigned due what is going on in the natural realm. God is a God of miracles. I need to be more aware of the power of prayer. The spirit of Death is an assassin from the enemy, he is not a friend. There is more to fight against in the spirit realm in the coming days and I need to be ready. To pray without ceasing against the enemy. 

Thank you Lord for rebuking the spirit of Death. Thank you for showing me how I need to take it up a notch spiritually. To start seeing things spiritually and not naturally anymore. To be ready. Thank you Father for always having our backs. 

Thursday, January 13, 2022

If you live in Washington State - Get out NOW!

It is very sad what is happening in Washington state. I have a lot of family that lives there and it is hard to believe the treachery that is going on. First there is this:

Wash. State Permits Gender Reassignment without Parental Consent

Then there is this:

They have already set up Internment Camps

The state of Washington is hiring positions for “Isolation and Quarantine Team Consultants” as you can see on their very own employment website here. It's a high paying job – you can make $3294 - $4286 a month. The qualifications are that you obviously have to be a Nazi douchebag – but officially it says: experienced in working in health care settings etc. You really should read the job description yourself. It is unbelievable. 

So, I decided to sign up for the Washington State Board of Health's webinar (zoom meeting) that they held yesterday. What a shitshow. It really showed how evil these people are and how sneaky. I'm going to list the things I observed. 

1.) They started 20 minutes late – probably to get people to leave and there were about 200 people that left the meeting before it started. There was originally 3700 people in attendance at the beginning.

2.) They started by saying that there were internet rumors that they were going to discuss internment camps and whether to make the corona shot a required immunization for children to attend public schools, and that those rumors were false. Then they announced that agenda item number 4 which was, “Dept. of Health Coronavirus and other updates” was canceled and would not be discussed.

3.) There was a chat box on the meeting labeled “Q and A” but anytime someone asked a question they put the same exact answer - “The Board cannot see or access the chat box. If you have comments for the Board, please email your comments to” So, the idea you could ask questions was a bold-faced lie.

4.) Twice, once during the meeting and again during the hearing, they allowed public comments for one minute each. Then they literally cut people off mid-sentence when the minute was up. There were actually some great comments, and you could tell that people that live in Washington and who will be directly affected by this were totally pissed. There were several people named Lesco Brandon in attendance and the announcer would say, “Lesco Brandon you can unmute your mic and give your comment. Lesco? Lesco Brandon it is your turn to comment.” The guy was obviously not in on the joke. It was hilarious. 

5.) Agenda item #9 was, “Rules Hearing – Communicable and other Certain diseases” Sneaky bastards then talked up a storm about HIV-AIDS and that all the changes to the rules were about that and not CV-19. Of course, the rule changes did happen to mention non-elected officials being able to bring in law enforcement for quarantine purposes, but FOCUS PEOPLE! We are talking about AIDS here not what all you sheep are thinking we are talking about. The “other certain diseases” were not listed. Yeah, the people were NOT buying it. 

In an effort to not have this post become a tl:dr, I will stop here. I'm sure that Board will wait until the fervor dies down and then will just do what they want anyway. And what they want is, guaranteed, not what you want. 

Get out now while you can because, mark my words, they will lock that place down and the whole state will become one big isolation and quarantine camp. Oh, but that is just internet rumor according to them. Yeah, just wait and see.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Two Bits

I got an email at work yesterday that everyone in the company will be getting a 50 cent raise. Sweet!

Monday, January 10, 2022

Your Feet Shod with the Gospel of Peace


I got another email newsletter from Christine Beadsworth yesterday. I love her. Once again she was talking about literally stuff going on in my personal life. Here is her latest podcast:

Moving out of the Marketplace

I looked up all her old teachings that she mentioned in this podcast. Here is the link to her download page where you can look at her older blog posts. The older teachings that she mentioned all had to do with having your feet shod with the right kind of shoes and the spiritual significance of shoes representing the gospel of peace. 

The reason this had such an impact on me was because I had shoe issues earlier in the week, when I posted about having cold feet until I found my snow boots. But it went deeper than that. Before I got her email, I had noticed that I needed to spend some time taking care of my feet. Due to the weather and having socks on all the time, my feet were really dry and I needed to trim my nails. I know it sounds gross, but I actually put spending some time taking care of my feet on my to do list. If I didn't add it to my list – it probably would have been ignored again. So it was already on my list when her email arrived.

God uses things in the natural realm to teach us about spiritual things. While shoes represent the gospel of peace – feet represent your spiritual walk. God talks about the wicked running to do evil. We see a lot of that these days. Our feet represent our spiritual walk with God, and the fact that God had really put it on my heart to spend some time taking care of my natural feet, and spending some time spiritually with Him was confirmed when I got Christine's newsletter. 

So I took some time to wash my feet and trim my nails. Instead of using lotion, I used a little henna oil and rubbed it in good. I also thought about how God needs to be a priority in my life and that just as I needed to take care of my natural feet, I also needed to take care of my feet spiritually. I need to be ready for what will be coming in the days ahead. 

Jesus told the apostle's to wash each other's feet. The bible also mentions that a virtuous woman would wash the feet of the saints. So today on my to-do list is to spend some time washing and taking care of my husband's foot. He can't really reach his foot and it get's overly dry too. So my advice is to take some time with the Lord and to take care of your feet. Be ready when the Lord calls. 

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Keep Looking Up!


Just wanted to share that video. 

I have to apologize with how I ended the last blog post. The Lord has shown me a powerful truth concerning what I said. I was questioning whether Jesus was coming back any time soon because when I look up all I see are chem trails. That is exactly what the adversary wants people to think. The enemy wants you looking down at your phone. But if you happen to look up, he wants you to see how he is destroying everything that the Father has created, and make you doubt His promises.

It's been an interesting week. My new trainer has already tried to sabotage me but the Lord helped me. I told her that I couldn't set up my voicemail because it was saying that my number was invalid. I sent her several emails and she was very short with me. Kind of acting like I was an idiot because I wanted someone to help me set it up. I sent several emails and nothing was done. Thankfully, my boss decided to have an impromptu meeting on Friday and when she asked me if I had any questions, I told her about my voicemail situation. 10 minutes later the situation was resolved. In the same meeting (the trainer was not available to be there) my boss (who is very sweet) introduced me to others on my team that I can ask if I have questions. I am certainly not going to be asking my trainer any further questions. 

Although my husband is too sick to cook, or get around, he has been busy selling stuff on e-bay. He just sold something for a significant amount which caught us up on several bills and he bought a regular size fridge. We have been using what is essentially a tiny fridge like you might see in a college dorm room for months. There was no room in it for fruits and veggies. The new fridge is awesome and seems huge. Now, I finally have the beer fridge I've always wanted, except that I don't drink anymore! (LOL just kidding! Sort of.) He's already put an ad up to sell the tiny fridge.

Well, I'm busy doing laundry and I made some pasta salad. Gotta go clean the beer, er, I mean tiny fridge now. Have a good Sunday!

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Mens Hearts Failing Them for FEAR

The snow finally melted enough for me to run into town to get groceries. I saw some kids building a snowman in their front yard. It made me smile. God knows, I need something to smile about. I tried to call my husband from the bread aisle to see if he wanted danishes, but the voice on the phone wouldn't let the call go through and said that I only have until February 20 for service on my phone (since it is only 3G.) It kept trying to connect me to another line for another phone but I just hung up. I don't want a 5G phone but I need a phone in order to do my job. I'll have to figure something out. 

See below. Laugh all you want at me. It's part of their religion to tell us what they plan to do to us.

I stopped at the little gas station store on my way back, to pick up a roll of quarters for laundry. I can't get quarters at the grocery store due to the “coin shortage”. Don't get me started on that one! The girls behind the counter were both wearing masks. We have been here since September and I have never seen either one of them wear masks before. I asked if it was a state mandate or something. They said no, it is just that the hospitals are filling up so they decided they should be on the safe side. 

The hospitals are filling up because all the people who got the V are now getting sick. Their immune systems are completely shot due to the poison that was injected into them, not to mention the changing of their molecular structure. It's so bad that insurance companies have started to notice. HERE.

Jesus said that one of the signs of his return would be men's hearts failing them for fear of what was coming on the earth. Men believed the lies and propaganda. Believed that the cold and flu was going to kill them. So they lined up and rolled up their sleeves. Now they are filling up the hospitals because their hearts are failing them. You can read about it here:

Principia Scientific International.

Jesus also said that when we start to see these things to Look Up, because our Redemption draws near. I hope it's sooner rather than later. At the moment when I look up, there are crisscross patterns of aerosol spraying all over the Kansas sky. Probably weather manipulation for the next big cold snap. 

But a promise is a promise – so Come Lord Jesus (as soon as you can). 

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Cold Feet

It is 10 degrees outside and snowing. We had a cold spell last weekend where it was down between 6 – 8 degrees. My feet were so cold that a couple times I just crawled back into bed in an effort to warm them. Last night I pulled out my snow boots from the back of the closet. I had forgotten that I even owned snow boots. I haven't worn them for years but somehow they always survived the various shoe purges. They are warm and comfy. I am now wearing them in the house while I work because my floor is freezing. Hope you all are surviving the weather!

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Out with the Old Year, in with the New. Welcome to 2022

This is drone footage of the fire down in Boulder County, Colorado yesterday. This just really pisses me off. Have you ever seen so much devastation? Interestingly enough, I have seen this kind of wreckage before. I saw it in Otis, Oregon when a small RV park near where we lived was destroyed due to fire last summer. Below is a picture of what was left after the Paradise, California fire last year.

Notice anything strange about the footage from the video and the picture? Trees. There are a ton of trees that are still left standing while the houses are just smoking piles of ash. What kind of fires don't destroy trees? Why, the manufactured kind of course. Here is a link to the patent on Directed Energy Weapons:

Directed Energy Weapon Patent

Believe me. The adversary and his minions did this. And they will continue to do this as often as they can while they can still get away with it. The spiritual war has gone hot, no pun intended. Guess what they are blaming it on? Yep. Frikken Climate Change. Here is the local propaganda arm with an article about it here:

How Climate Change primed Colorado for a rare December wildfire

Unbelievable. Please pray for those people whose houses and cars were destroyed and for the families of those who have died. Pray for the people who will be the next victims, because they WILL do this again in the future. God will put an end to this evil soon. Count on it.