Thursday, July 3, 2014

July update

We have been living and working on my sisters farm for the past two months. I got a 1978 Persuader RV for an engagement ring and we are getting married July 27th. Its a crazy month since we have 6 birthdays, an anniversary, the huge family reunion and then we get married and have our honeymoon. Life is very good at the moment, quite possibly the best it has ever been in my life and I'm very happy with the way things are going. I would love to post all the amazing stories that we have been experiencing but we don't have internet access where we are staying and I'm only checking my email once or twice a week if that. We will probably be staying on the farm for the next couple months or at least till the fall since there is a lot of work here and we can stay here rent-free.

Hope you all are doing well and I will try to post when I can, but it will be sporadic at best until things settle down and we have internet access again. Take care my friends!