Monday, May 30, 2022

Holiday Weekends go too Fast

This 3 day weekend went too fast. It's my husband's 57th birthday today. Happy Birthday babe!

Yesterday, a water main broke at the park, I think for the 3rd time since we moved here. So had no water. All the things I planned on doing – take a shower, wash the dishes, do laundry – went right out the window. It was a nice day nonetheless.

Here are some good recaps of our present situation.

The Authors of our Misery - by Cold Fury

A Recap on the WEF 2022 meeting - by the Last American Vagabond

Gotta work on chores today. Take care out there.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

A Future and A Hope

Years ago, when I was living in Wyoming with my aunt, she gave me this little plaque. It was a confirmation at the time, because the Lord had given me that verse to cling to, when I was having a rough period. Jeremiah 29:11.

That verse, unfortunately, has been Mandela effected. Now in my personal King James bible, the one that I have owned since I first got saved almost 30 years ago, the words have been changed. Jeremiah 29:11 now says:

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” - Jeremiah 29:11.

Blue Letter Bible will back me up that the words are different now. When you are feeling hopeless, what kind of “expected end” would you expect? Where is the hope? Where is the future? Now the verse promises an expected end. If I read that now, for the first time, what kind of end would I expect? A sucky one, that's for sure.

Thank God, I have proof that it once said something else. Here is the post that has that picture. That was in 2011!

As I was driving home from picking up take-out sushi for my husbands birthday this morning, someone on the radio quoted that verse – the way it use to be – with a future and a hope. I felt the Lord tell me that the verse still stands, even though the adversary has tried to take the hope out of it. God is the same yesterday, and today, and will be the same tomorrow. He laughs at these douchebags bragging of all the evil things they plan on doing to us. God has a plan for us that includes a future and a hope. Trust in Him, He cares very deeply about us.

What a great way to start the holiday weekend. The Lord is thwarting their sinister plots even now. You should still make sure that you are prepared with food, water, gas etc. But in the Lord, we have hope for the future. Take care out there.


Thursday, May 26, 2022

Mocking Monkeys

LMAO. The roll-out of the Monkey P O X was a spectacular fail. One day the front of Drudge is plastered with big scary headlines and gross pimply pictures, and the next day it is way down the page. Apparently it is gay. Or at least mostly affecting gay men – so they say. But they've decided to ramp up the staged and fake mass shootings to try to take our guns. Yeah, prying and cold dead hands etc.

Although the internet is awash in some pretty hilarious mocking of said pox in the pandemics foreva plan, this one by far is the most succinct:


Go read it if you need a good laugh – and an accurate picture of modern life these days.

Haven't heard yet from the Davos and WEF crowd if they have signed over the worlds individual sovereignty yet. Right, like a piece of paper means didly squat these days. They did a little staged event where Jack Prosobic and his camera crew got assaulted by the elite's goon squad. Oh please, Jack is a spook and always has been. They just did that to try to intimidate the masses from over running the place and kicking all of their asses – which is what those poofters need. Some old fashion torches and pitchforks are in order. Their evil plots and plans will come down on their own heads. Bottom line – it doesn't end well for them.

I've been listening to Bards FM while I work. You can find his podcasts here:

Bards FM

Take care out there.

Monday, May 23, 2022

Heaping Coals

I was reminded recently, while listening to a podcast (sorry I don't remember which one) that we should be praying for our enemies. Praying for our enemies heaps coal upon their heads. We are also supposed to love our enemies. Wow, we don't often think about that. We are supposed to pray for our leadership in government (who are also our enemies at the moment) that we can live peaceable lives. We can also pray against the plots and plans of the enemy.

The adversary wants us to forget that we have power and authority over him in Jesus' name. We are not helpless in this battle. We are not wrestling with flesh and blood, but principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places.

The devil and his earthly minions have declared openly their evil plans against us. We should be praying daily against the things we read and hear in the news. God is not sleeping during this time. He is getting His people ready (us) for the battles ahead.

Exercise your authority in Jesus and get in the battle spiritually. We are to gird our loins with the armor of God. Pray always.

Take care out there.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Friday, May 20, 2022

Up Next: Zoo Variants

My tolerance for bovine excrement is already pretty low, so this is really stretching it. They ran out of greek letters for all their subvariants, and people weren't really buying it anymore. So now it is time to bring out the zoo animals.

Well, they used the “bird flu” to kill all the chickens and turkeys. Now we have monkeypox and soon to be leopard pox? OMG – give me a break! Will that just be an excuse to slaughter all the zoo animals, in case people get really hungry? Just because it is all fake and ghey doesn't mean the evil overlords won't use it. A. They think you are stupid and B. They want you dead.

Stop complying! Stock up on food, water and gas while you can still afford it.

I'm sure lions, tigers and bears are next. Oh My!

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Wednesday, May 18, 2022


My coffee maker chose today to stop working. Don't know why. Luckily, we have an old fashioned percolator just for this sort of occasion. It brews a really good cup of coffee, just takes longer.

Take care out there.


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Jumping Spiders

That is not me holding that spider. There is NO WAY I'm letting one of those spiders touch me. But this is the type of spider we have been seeing around the house.

I had a bag of garbage and a pizza box in the tub waiting for me to take it down to the dumpster. I was sitting on the toilet when one of those spiders peeked its head up from the top of the pizza box. Nothing is worse that seeing a big furry spider with your pants down. I stood up to look at the other side of box and he was gone. Oh no. Now he could be anywhere.

Later, I took the garbage and pizza box down to the dumpster without incident. I was using my best situational awareness. When I got back, my husband had gone to the bathroom and I saw a curled up spider corpse in the tub.

“Honey!” I exclaimed, “You left the dead body!” He told me that after he wrestled it to the ground he was too tired to get a piece of tissue and pick it up.

My husband felt something on his head. He reached up and brushed his head with his hand and his hand was covered with furry spider body parts. “They are pretty fragile.” he said. “I barely touched it.”


A couple hours later my husband directed my attention to one of the spiders walking around on the ceiling across from where he was sitting. “Will you kill it for me?” he asked. I said nothing about the fact that killing spiders really falls firmly in the things that men should have to do.

I gave it an honest logistical evaluation. Noting where the spider was located and the obstacles that presented themselves. Which way the body could fall once it was killed, or God forbid, it doesn't die on the first try and various places it could land on me and still be moving. The risk assessment was complete.

“Nope.” I stated without remorse. “Not doing it. Sorry babe.”

He sighed. “Guess I'll just keep an eye on it.”

Yep, I thought. You do that.

Hope you all have a spider free Tuesday.

Monday, May 16, 2022

The Elijah Prophets vs the Prophets of Baal


I listened to this today and it really helped me. I just found her channel this weekend. Here is more:

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Who put the Crypt in Cryptocurrencies?

On Thursday this week, all sorts of cryptocurrencies crashed including Bitcoin. Here are a couple stories about it:

More than $200 billion erased from entire crypto market in a day as sell-off intensifies

Cryptocurrencies Melt Down in a‘Perfect Storm’ of Fear and Panic

Alt media sites have been pushing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a while now, as a hedge against the dollar crashing and usually for the fall of the economy. I admit, I don't know that much about digital currencies except for the fact that I did not believe they were in any way safe as a holding of wealth. My thoughts were always, what if they shut down the internet or the electrical grid? How would you be able to use any digital currencies after that?

Frankly, I thought it would take an internet shutdown or an electrical grid issue to take down cryptocurrencies. Nope. One night you go to bed with $400,000 worth of bitcoin and the next morning it is worthless. Just – whoops! - how did that happen? A lot of people lost their life savings. Who knows, maybe it was a scam all along.

Oh and as for Twitter Theatre – dont believe any of it. Years ago, when “Cue” was new and everyone believed he was on our side, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Shiff wrote official letters to Google and Twitter accusing patriots of being 'Russian Bots', and demanded that those accounts be removed. That was when the censorship was just starting. They will use the bot issue to take down real accounts – mark my words. Best bet is to get off twitter now, before they take you down for your disinformation (truthtelling).

Keep your head on a swivel. Take care out there.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday the 13th

On a Friday the 13th, years ago before I met him, my husband worked as a garbage man in North Carolina. He had been working at the recycling center all day and was nearing the end of his shift. He was having an exceptionally good day that day.

A co-worker approached him to see if he wanted some overtime and ride along with him in his garbage truck. My husband enthusiastically said yes. As they were driving back to the shop, a sports car came out of nowhere heading straight for them. The driver swerved to avoid it. My husband was thrown from the vehicle and the garbage truck landed on its side, right on top of his leg. My husband knew that his life was about to change forever.

He tells the story about the excruciating pain he was experiencing and that there was a good chance he was going to die. He says he reached his hand down to check his junk and see if it was going to be worth living. The family jewels were unharmed. Phew.

He was under that truck for two and half hours, awake and aware the whole time. The firemen and ambulance showed up, and they were going to use balloons to lift the truck off his leg. When the balloons started to inflate, he felt a rush of blood go out of him. He cried, “I'm going to bleed out!” They knew he was right and had to lower the truck back down on his leg in order to stop him from bleeding to death.

The life flight helicopter took him to the hospital where he had two surgeries and 9 liters of blood. He lost his leg. That was 15 years ago this July.

The Lord saved his life that day. My husband sometimes talks about how, if it hadn't been for him losing his leg, he never would have met me. He also believes that he wouldn't have known the Lord either. It was a horrible tragedy, but, without it, he wouldn't be the believer in Christ that he is today. All things work for good, according to God's plan.

Take care out there.

Thursday, May 12, 2022


Wow. I take a week off and all hell breaks loose. I have been busy with work and running a household. Finally got a chance to do some spring-cleaning and able to cross some stuff off my list. Since I've been gone the following has happened:

  • The computers that my father-in-law bought us two years ago literally both died at noon last Thursday. It was like someone hit a button somewhere and both my computer and my husband's became unusable. My husband even did an out of the box restart and it didn't fix the problem. I am using my old computer with the broken hinge. We had to buy a new computer for my husband. The 30 odd twitter accounts I was following have all been suspended and so have most of the you-tube channels. But the idea of censorship is just a big conspiracy theory dontcha know.

  • A fake leak from the traitorous Supreme Court concerning R v W occurred and within minutes the bought and paid for Mobs R Us descended on Washington with their ready made signs screaming like banshees. It is all scripted and all fake (like everything else). This just gives them an excuse to bomb pro-life buildings and attack churches. And right before Mother's Day. Nice. I did read an article about how a bunch of parishioners in LA stood up against them. Good for them.

  • They are actively destroying the food supply everywhere as we speak. They are killing chickens and turkeys by the Millions. Buy chicken and eggs while you can. Over 40 food processing plants have been suspiciously taken out of commission. Not to mention the farms and the cows and all things edible. They are actively bragging about the coming famine that they are implementing. Evil Douchebags.

I don't have time to cover all the other lies and propaganda coming out on a daily basis. Babylon Bee came out with what was suppose to be satire – but it just was too close to the truth that I was horrified

Moloch Warns Of Looming Child Sacrifice Supply Chain Issues

Gas is over $4 a gallon here in Kansas – and rising. We have very dark days ahead of us. Press into the Lord with all your heart. Pray for our country. Don't lose hope, the Lord will fight for us. All the evil is being exposed. It is all coming to a head.

Take care out there.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022


I apologize, I have had no time to craft a proper blog post, and don't have time today either. I'm still here, I will try to post something soon.